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Summer is the season for outdoor living, which means it’s time to get our porches, patios, and decks ready for alfresco lunches and evening lounging. While all-weather furniture is a great place to start when putting together an inviting outdoor living area, we like to elevate our open-air spaces with outdoor décor—like a terrarium.

Terrariums make fabulous centerpieces for outdoor dining, side and coffee tables. Or, you can hang them from tree branches or pergola beams. Plus, they’re a fun DIY project! To get your inspiration flowing, we’re going to share five unique terrarium containers that would be perfect for your outdoor space. 

  1. Herb Terrarium

Not only is an herb terrarium visually appealing, but it’s practical, too! Whether you need a snip of basil for Caprese salad or a sprig of mint for a cocktail, you’ll have fresh herbs all summer just outside your backdoor. You could even make a thematic herb garden. For example, a cocktail herb garden could feature thyme, lavender, basil, and mint, while a pizza herb garden could feature basil, oregano, and parsley. 


  1. Succulent Terrarium

A terrarium featuring lush succulents will add peace and serenity to your outdoor space. Since succulents require an open and airy container, our Bubble Ball would be the perfect vessel for this unique container. Before creating your succulent creation, be sure to check out our blog post featuring the nine best succulents for your terrarium.

bubble ball terrarium with succulents

  1. Fairy Garden Terrarium

For a dose of whimsy, consider creating a fairy garden terrarium for your outdoor space. By arranging your pint-sized plants and your fairy garden decorations just-so, you can create the effect of a magical miniature forest landscape. You can create this unique terrarium container for a tabletop, or you could even use our Round Hanging Terrarium and suspend your fairy garden from a branch or porch. Check out our tutorial on how to make a fairy garden using a terrarium for more ideas. 

  1. Air Plant Terrarium

Air plants, known as Tillandsia, are whimsical, low-maintenance and grow without soil. In the wild, air plants are like trapeze artists, rooting themselves to trees, rocks, and rooftops. Because these plants thrive perched above the ground, it’s only natural to create your air plant terrarium using our Diamond Hanging Terrarium. To elevate the visual appeal, try suspending a grouping of hanging air plant terrariums from tree branches or pergola battens.

Air Plant Terrarium Container  

  1. Citronella Candle Terrarium

Don’t have a green thumb? No problem! You can still include a unique terrarium container in your outdoor space without the responsibility of keeping plants alive. Instead, fill the bottom of your terrarium with a base of pebbles, sand, split peas, or popcorn kernels. This base will help hold your citronella candles, whether you choose tealights, pillars or jars. Not only does this idea look fantastic, but it will help protect you from pesky mosquitos.

We hope these five ideas have you inspired and ready to start decorating! Take your outdoor décor to the next level with unique terrarium containers. Shop terrariums here: https://www.46spruce.com/collections/terrarium-containers




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