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How to Make Fresh Flowers Last in a VaseKeep 'em groomedSpruce up the vaseMonitor Water LevelChoose the right locationAdd Flower FoodLearn more at 46spruce.comFresh blooms never fail to brighten up a room, but making them last day after day is tricky. We’ve compiled five tips to help you get the most from your fresh flower arrangement.
Keep ‘Em Groomed
Trim ½ inch off of the lower part of the stem so water can be absorbed with ease.. Be sure to cut at a slant for the best results.
Spruce Up the Vase
Before adding water and stems to the vase, clean it with hot water, baking soda and a dash of white vinegar. This will rid the container of any microbacteria that will shorten the life of your beautiful arrangement.
Monitor Water Level
Ensure water is fresh and clean on a frequent basis. Keeping fresh water in a vase has proven to be a successful method to keeping fresh flowers thriving for a longer period of time.
Choose the Right Location
Keep vase in a place that will stay cool. Avoid placing your arrangement in direct sunlight, near appliances or vents.
Add Flower Food
Adding a little flower food can help boost the overall look of your blooms while enhancing the lifespan.
Happy Arranging!






Derek Woodruff, AIFD, PFCI, CF, Owner of Floral Underground 


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