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With winter’s short days, chilly temperatures and icy conditions, chances are you find yourself spending more time at home than usual. This season can feel gloomy for sure—but one way to cope with the dark and cold is to add a dose of koselig to your home.

What’s koselig? It’s a Norwegian word that means a sense of coziness. Think a roaring fire, warm beverages, lit candles and fuzzy blankets.

Your winter home décor can also help increase the koselig in your space, and one of the easiest ways to add cozy winter décor to your home is through seasonal vase filler. Ready for a bevy of koselig inspiration? Here are our top vase filler ideas for winter.

holiday vase filler ideas

1.  Faux snow

Use a bag of fake snow from the craft store or some budget-friendly Epsom salt to add a bed of faux snow to the base of our Rose Bowl. Create a winter scene by including some mini bottlebrush trees and winter woodland creature figurines.

2.  Pinecones

Forage for pinecones yourself, or buy some from the craft store. Add them to our Ginger Vase for an instant dose of cozy.

3.  Cinnamon Sticks

Here’s a treat for the eyes and the nose! Grab a bag of cinnamon sticks from your grocery store and place them in a petite vase, such as our small Modern Cylinder.

4.  Jingle Bells

This vase filler idea works for the holidays—and beyond. Add your small jingle bells to a tall and slender vase, such as our Tall Modern Cylinder. If you want to add an antiqued look to your jingle bells, you can tarnish them with a solution of three parts apple cider vinegar and one part non-iodized sea salt.

holiday vase filler ideas

5.  Oven-Dried Orange Slices

These are easy to make yourself—and will make your home smell divine. Simply preheat your oven to 200 degrees and slice oranges ¼-inch thick using a mandolin. Gently press the slices between paper towels to absorb excess moisture. Bake the oranges on nonstick baking sheets for four hours. Turn and bake another two hours, or until they don’t bend.  Rest the oranges on a cooling rack overnight, and then display in our Prism Vase.

6.  Mixed Nuts in Shells

A nice mix of nuts in shells looks great, plus they’re an edible treat. Present them in our Footed Bowl vase, and don’t forget a nut cracker and bowl for discarded shells.

7.  Citrus Fruit Mix

Citrus is in season during winter, making it a perfect vase filler in the kitchen. Display a mix of bright lemons, limes and oranges in our Tall Hurricane Vase and replenish as you use.

8.  Twig Bundle

Whether your forage for them yourself or pick them up at your craft store, a bundle of trimmed twigs wrapped in twine looks elegant in a tall vase, such as our Celebrity Vase.

9.  Coffee Beans

Coffee beans are an elegant vase filler idea that will help add a cozy coffee shop scent to your home. Pour them into our large Serenity Vase and top with a votive candle. When you light the candle, the coffee bean aroma will fill your home.

10. Fairy Lights

A strand of battery-operated fairy lights crumpled into our Glass Cloche will add instant coziness to your home. Look for warm white lights for ultimate koselig vibes.

holiday vase filler ideas


Shop 46 & Spruce vases and start planning your cozy winter décor: https://www.46spruce.com/collections/vases



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