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We’ve been seeing the trend of fairy gardens popping up all over the internet lately. They are such a fun take on a traditional terrarium, where figurines and cute little doors are added to create a fairy scene.

Fairy gardens have a quirky appeal and are a fun project to do with the kids since they always have the best imaginations when it comes to the magical world!

We loved the idea so much we want to share how to make a terrarium into a magical fairyland!

What you’ll need:


Step 1: Terrarium Containers

The first and most important step is choosing the perfect glass terrarium container. You want one with enough space for all of your fairy decorations. We suggest trying a glass cloche (glass dome) or bulbous vase like our Peony Vase.

Peony Vase

The glass cloche is our favorite terrarium for this project, since the dome is easily removed leaving ample space for tending to your fairy scene. It allows easy access and the freedom to change up the layout as often as you want. This is a key for any fairy-loving terrarium owner because who knows when you will find that perfect fairy figurine or toadstool to add!

This Glass Cloche is also a great option for a fairy garden because it comes with holes to prevent the terrarium from fogging up. This way, your fairy garden remains in crystal clear view for all its admirers to see!

Glass Cloche


Step 2: Assemble terrarium

The second step is assembling the terrarium. Start by adding a layer of stones to the base for drainage, then add a layer of soil. This is where you can get creative, by crafting small mounds or undulating bumps. Once covered with moss, they will look like a mountain or rolling hills, which offers a great effect in a fairy garden. Plant your plants in the soil, leaving enough room for your fairies. Then, lay moss on top of the soil and around the plants.

Fairy Garden Terrarium


Step 3: Fairy Decorations

After your terrarium is assembled, it’s time to get creative, decorating with all of your fairy decorations! Place the figurines front and center to allow maximum visual impact.

You could have a couple of fairies facing each other chatting in the front, flitting around going about their business or even suspended in the air.

To help with the tricky task of arranging the decorations in their places, try these Terrarium Tools. They are the perfect tools for working with terrariums and would be helpful in the placement of all your miniature fairy garden accents.

There you have it. All the details you will need to make your very own magical fairy garden terrarium!


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