10 Inspiring Winter Indoor Planters

10 Inspiring Winter Indoor Planters

As you settle into the winter months, one way to really liven your décor is to incorporate indoor planters. Winter indoor planters are a perfect way to breathe some life into your home during the long and cold winter season.

Ready for some inspiration? We scoured the web for our 10 favorite indoor planters for you to recreate this winter.

1. Rosemary Topiary

by Keeping with the Times

Rosemary topiaries are popular indoor planters around the holidays and readily available at your local grocery store. Plant your rosemary topiary in our Modern planters and string it with lights for a festive touch.

2. Paperwhites

by Stone Gable

Paperwhites have delicate, snow-white flowers that bloom in early winter, making them popular indoor planters. Plant your paperwhite bulbs in our Urban Wave Bowl and fill in around the bulbs with pinecones.

3. Amaryllis

by Flower Mag

With bold, trumpet-like red blooms that pop during the winter, amaryllis bulbs are perfect for indoor planters. Plant a grouping of them in our Urban Earth Trio Planter for an eye-catching statement in your home décor.

4. Red Poinsettia

by Yellow Bliss Road

Nothing reminds you of winter plants like bright, cheery red poinsettia indoor planters. Plant yours in a galvanized bucket and dress it up with some burlap ribbon.

5. Christmas Cactus

by Hearth and Vine

Here’s another holiday bloomer for you! The Christmas cactus flowers each winter with blooms that come in a variety of colors, such as pink, purple, red and white. Your Christmas cactus will feel at home in our Urban Earth Square Tapered Planter.

6. Winter Planter Box

by Echoes of Laughter

Create living arrangements by planting a fun mix of succulents, ivy and mini trees in indoor planters. Throw in some bulbs, pine cones and sparkly ornaments for some added adornment. With its wider base, our Oatmeal Cable Basket would be perfect for this project.

7. Ornament + Orchid Planter

via Better Homes and Gardens

Coming in a wide range of colors and varieties, there’s an orchid plant out there to complement everyone’s winter décor. To get this look, keep your orchid in its original container from the store. Place it in the center of our Holly Chapple Demi Ceramic Footed Bowl and fill in around it with small glass ball ornaments.

8. Red Anthurium Planter


With bright green leaves and bold red waxy blooms, red anthurium is a perfect plant to match your traditional décor. Make your red anthurium indoor planters even more festive by planting them in our Rose Gold Cylinder Vase.

9. Ivy Topiary

by Thistlewood Farms

Did you know that in ancient cultures, decorating with holly and ivy was thought to ward off evil winter spirits? Still a symbol of the season, ivy is perfect for your winter indoor planters. Use our Weathered Oak Pot and some bent wire hangers to train your ivy to grow into a beautiful topiary.

10. Succulents

by Happy Go Lucky Blog

A mix of fun and funky succulents potted in festively colored mercury glass jars is perfect for your winter décor and can last long after the yuletide season has passed.  Chalk labels featuring fun phrases elevates the uniqueness of these winter indoor planters.

Decorate for this winter with 46 & Spruce indoor planters: https://www.46spruce.com/collections/planters 

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