3 Springtime Closed Terrarium Ideas

3 Spring Closed Terrarium Ideas

Speckled eggs, baby bunnies, fluffy chicks, bulb flowers, blooming branches, green growth—the inspiration is endless when it comes to springtime decorating. One of the most simple and elegant ways to display these springtime motifs in your home décor is through the creation of a closed terrarium. You can display a perfectly curated springtime closed terrarium on your kitchen table, coffee table, mantle—anywhere you want to breathe some fresh and seasonal décor.

To help get the inspiration flowing, here are three spring closed terrarium ideas that you can easily create this season.


Spring bloomers closed terrarium

There are many varieties of fairy garden plants that bloom in the spring. Plant a grouping of these dainty spring bloomers in your closed terrarium for a colorful living arrangement that you can enjoy in the spring—and then for many more seasons to come.

To create this terrarium, pick up our DIY Terrarium Kit, which features a closed terrarium and all the supplies you need to plant your spring bloomers.

Prep the terrarium per the instructions included in the kit. Then, plant a variety of spring-blooming fairy garden plants, such as Alpine Geranium, Blue Moneywort, Dianthus, Pygmy Potentilla, and Yellow Whitlow Grass.

Fill in among the plants with the moss that’s included in the kit. Then, add some fairy garden accessories, such as miniature bunnies and gnomes, which can be found at your local craft or hobby store.


Blooming branch vignette closed terrarium

Closed Terrarium: Blooming branches vignette closed terrarium

Whether you pick up some faux blooming branches from the craft store, or you snip the real deal from your yard, you can create an elegant springtime vignette with this seasonal favorite.

Almost any spring flowering shrub or tree can be used for this closed terrarium—like forsythia or apple. If you use faux branches, they’ll last the whole season, and then you can use them again next spring. If you go with live flowering branches that you cut, they may only last a day or two out of water, but this could be perfect if you’re creating a centerpiece for a springtime gathering.

To make this closed terrarium, collect all the springtime décor you want to include, plus your blooming branches. For example, you could begin by arranging a bed of faux moss in the base of our Glass Cloche. Place a faux bird’s nest with eggs or a bunny figurine in the center of the moss. Artfully arrange the blooming branch inside the base and lid of the cloche. Attach some dainty butterflies on wire picks to the branch for a final touch.


Springtime florals closed terrarium

Closed Terrarium: Springtime florals closed terrarium

Here’s another idea where you have the option of going faux or using the real deal.

For this spring closed terrarium idea, fill the base of our Cylinder Terrarium with Lid with your filler of choice. Faux moss will give your terrarium an organic feel, while white sand will help you achieve boho vibes.

Then, arrange a variety of flower heads on top of your filler. Use silk flower heads snipped off the stems for an arrangement with lasting power, or use real flower heads for a temporary arrangement that will last through an event. Use a variety of flowers in varying sizes and textures to add visual appeal. Peonies, ranunculus, roses, stock and protea are all popular choices. Stick to a single color family, such as pinks or greens, for a cohesive look.

Ready to create your own unique springtime terrarium? Shop our closed terrarium collection to get started.

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