4 Glass Terrarium Containers for Fall Décor

4 Glass Terrarium Containers for Fall Décor

Are you looking for the perfect way to add a dash of fall to your home décor? Look no further than glass terrarium containers! This workhorse of home decorating can be updated throughout the year to reflect the season or occasion, and during autumn we rely on Mother Nature for inspiration. Colorful leaves, gourds and pumpkins, apples and corn are just a few sources of fall inspiration.

fall terrarium

Ready to add some autumn to your home? Here are four glass terrarium containers that are perfect for fall décor.

  1. Miniature fall landscape in Cylinder Terrarium with Lid

Our Cylinder Terrarium with Lid provides the perfect opportunity to create a closed terrarium featuring a miniature fall landscape inspired by a day at the pumpkin patch. To create this terrarium, begin by planting a couple miniature fairy garden plants that feature the hues of fall foliage. For example, America maritima rubrifolia features dark burgundy foliage and Ajuga reptans Chocolate Chip has purplish-bronze leaves.

Cover other parts of the soil with moss for a grassy effect. Lastly, add pumpkin patch fairy garden accents, which can be found at your local craft or hobby store. Miniature pumpkins, scarecrows, hay bales, rakes, tractors and baskets are just a few ideas.

Place this closed terrarium in a spot that receives indirect sunlight. If you love this idea, also check out our 6 Terrarium Containers Perfect for Closed Terrariums.

terrarium with lid for fall

  1. Fall colors in Pyramid Vase

If you can’t get enough of fall’s warm and rich hues—from burgundy, sage green and goldenrod to burnt orange and siren red—then here’s a simple way to incorporate some bold fall colors into glass terrarium containers.

For this fall terrarium, you’ll need our Pyramid Vase, three different colored sands in the fall hues of your liking, a small faux pumpkin and small faux leaves. Begin by pouring thin layers of sand into the base of the Pyramid Vase. Use an alternating pattern of sand layers until the glass terrarium container is about halfway full.

To complete the terrarium, simply place your faux pumpkin and a couple small faux leaves on the top of the sand. This fall terrarium would be perfect as a dining table centerpiece.

  1. Simple moss + white pumpkin in Small Hurricane Vase

hurricane terrarium for fall

While many love fall’s warm colors, others who prefer farmhouse or cottage style may gravitate more toward shades of white and green for their fall glass terrarium containers. To create a simple and neutral fall terrarium, all you need is our Small Hurricane Vase, a sheet of paper, a sheet of moss, a small white pumpkin and small brown leaves.

Begin by crumpling up the sheet of paper. Wrap the sheet of moss around the paper and nestle it into the bottom of the Small Hurricane Vase. Work the paper and sheet moss around the bottom of the terrarium until it looks like a perfect mossy “hill.”

Lastly, place the small white pumpkin and small brown leaves on top of the moss in an artful way. This fall terrarium would be perfect displayed on a mantle.

  1. Air plant on fall filler in Terrarium Containers

terrarium container for fall

For an idea that works with any of our glass terrarium containers, consider a simple-yet-elevated combination of a fall vase filler and an air plant. Because air plants don’t need soil, you can place them on nearly any fall vase filler.

Some filler ideas include: acorns, walnuts, popcorn kernels, whole nutmeg, kidney beans, lentils and faux cranberries. Simply fill the base of the terrarium with your filler and place the air plant on top. For extra embellishment, you could add a small, dainty strand of fairy lights.

Get creative and decorate for fall with 46 & Spruce’s terrariums: https://www.46spruce.com/collections/terrariums



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