Must Have Terrarium Supplies

5 Must-Have Terrarium Supplies

Have you been thinking about creating a terrarium for your home? Perhaps you love the look of colorful succulents in a glass hurricane vessel, or maybe you prefer miniature fairy garden plants in a closed jar. Either way, it’s important to use proper terrarium supplies to ensure a healthy and thriving terrarium garden. Here are our top five must-have terrarium supplies that will help make terrarium gardening easy and fun!

Terrarium Moss, Soil and Rocks

  1. Drainage stones

Because glass terrarium containers don’t have holes like other planters you may be used to working with, drainage stones are an important item on your terrarium supplies list. When placed in the bottom of your terrarium container, drainage stones will help prevent overwatering of your plants’ roots. Our 1 Qt. Hydro Stone Bag features high-performance hydro stones that are engineered to deliver proper air and water balance for optimal growing conditions.

  1. Green moss

Moss is an essential and multi-purpose element of your terrarium supplies. Some terrarium gardeners like to add a layer of moss between the drainage stones and the soil to create a barrier so the soil can’t fall into the stones. You can also use moss on top of your terrarium soil as a decorative element to help create a more natural look. Our 1 Qt. Green Moss Bag is sustainably harvested in the forests of the Pacific Northwest, and it’s all-natural with no preservatives and no added coloring. It’s clean and light, yet durable and long-lasting, aiding in drainage and decoration.

  1. High-quality soil

A nutrient-rich, well-draining soil is one of the most essential parts of your terrarium supplies. A good soil will help ensure healthy, flourishing plants. The soil should be placed on top of your draining stones (or on top of your barrier layer of moss, if you opt to use moss between your stones and soil). The soil layer can be flat, or it can be higher in some areas and lower in others to add more visual interest to your terrarium. Our 1 Qt. Soil Mix Bag is the ultimate multi-purpose potting mix. It features a blend of all-natural compost and rice hulls to ensure optimum organic growing conditions.

Terrarium Tools

  1. Mini terrarium tools

When working with miniature plants in a small container with a small opening, terrarium gardening can get a little tedious. But when equipped with proper terrarium supplies, your slice of paradise becomes easy and fun to maintain. Our Terrarium Tool Kit includes everything you need to create and maintain your mini landscape. The set includes a natural bristle brush, bamboo tongs, a customized rake and a shovel. Extended 10-inch handles allow easy access to care for your plants.

  1. Spray bottle

Because terrariums tend to retain moisture, it’s easy to accidentally overwater your terrarium. A waterlogged terrarium can result in root rot, which will kill your plants. To avoid this, be sure to add a spray bottle to your list of must-have terrarium supplies! Using a spray bottle rather than a watering can to water your terrarium will help you maintain much more control over the moisture level in your terrarium. And if you notice your terrarium is a little too soaked, just leave the lid off for a few days until it dries out.

Now that you’ve got all the supplies, start building your own terrarium.

Terrarium Supplies

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