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5 Ways to Decorate Your Mantel with Glass Vases

A decorated mantel really brings a living area to life, offering a comforting environment that can be very stylish. The great thing about decorating a mantel with glass vases is that the decorations can be switched up depending on the season or holiday.


There are endless ideas for decorating a mantel, from flowers, photos and candles to Christmas and Halloween decorations. However, there’s one item that can always be incorporated into a mantel display, and that is the glass vase.

The classic glass vase never goes out of fashion. It appears year after year on the glossy pages of the latest home and lifestyle magazines. It may not be front and center, but it’s surely there somewhere stylishly clutching a bunch of flowers or showing off other decorative fillers and objects. So when it comes to crafting mantel decor, a glass vase or two is a must.

Now that we have established the necessity of this decor item, let’s move on to the variety of ways to decorate with a glass vase.

5 Ways to decorate your mantel with glass vases:


#1 Flowers

The most classic way to decorate your glass vase is, of course, with flowers. There’s nothing like a fresh bunch of flowers displayed charmingly on your mantel for all to see. Instead of displaying one vase, try three or five lined up in a row for a bolder effect.

Tip: Displaying an odd number of vases will help create a less uniform look and give a striking effect well above what a vase can do on its own.

To give a bit more of a casual look, try vases in various sizes like these Cobblestone Vases. The varying heights will add even more interest to an already stunning mantel!

Cobblestone Vase

#2 Foliage

Instead of flowers, try clusters of foliage for unique look entirely.

Using leaves and branches works to give a minimalist vibe to a mantel area, especially in a home with a contemporary, casual interior decor.

Try combining branches with a simple vase with a narrower neck like this Optic Trumpet Vase in Rose Gold. It will keep the foliage more upright and prevent the vase containing long stems from tipping.

Trumpet Vase in Rose Gold


#3 Candy

This is a 46 & Spruce all-time favorite!

Try filling several vases up with a variety of yummy candies. Play with a mixture of colors or get really creative and color block each vase a different color! A great style of vase to try for this is this Versailles Vase or this Antoinette Vase.

Fill each vase up to the brim with your chosen candies and watch them vanish as fast as you put them in!

A great time to decorate a mantel with glass vases filled with candies is around the Holidays when you have lots of visitors and won’t be tempted to eat them all yourself!


#4 Plants

Don’t underestimate the amazing effect of a plant potted in a glass vase. Being able to see the plant’s roots and soil adds a whole new dimension to the humble indoor plant. Not to mention, it is a fantastic talking point.


To do this, make sure you line the base of the vase with a good layer of stones for drainage before adding the soil. Then, pot a plant inside the vase. Some good plants to try are succulents, bamboo or an orchid.

Glass Vases


#5 Candles

Simple, yet effective, is the idea of using glass vases for candle holders. They create such a cozy, intimate atmosphere in a living room.

The best type of candle to use is a tea light, but any candle you have will do. Place a beautiful candle in each vase, either in white or in fun colors depending on your taste.

A good way to arrange the glass vases is in groups of varying height for a casual feel, or lined up like soldiers along the entire length of the mantel for a bit more of a structured look. Try a show stopper of a vase, like the Fleur-de-lis Hurricane Vase  in the center of your mantel with a whole lot of smaller vases scattered around it.

By now, you have our top five mantel decorating ideas using glass vases. So get started now, turning your undecorated mantel from blah to beautiful using the ever stylish glass vase!

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