5 Ways to Use Brandy Vases

5 Ways to Use Brandy Vases

If you think that brandy vases are just another shaped vase, you are wrong. Brandy vases are super trendy and make excellent décor pieces in your home. The shape of the brandy vase lends itself to a variety of creative uses and makes it a popular choice for decorating both events and homes.

Let’s explore our top 5 creative uses for brandy vases:

1. Terrariums

There are endless possibilities when it comes to creating your very own little garden in a vase. Brandy vases create an interesting shaped terrarium and are great for filling with stones and other earthy materials to build the miniature garden of your dreams. These vases are small enough to place in rooms that don’t have a lot of space for décor and yet are tall enough to catch your eye. A brandy vase terrarium also makes a stunning gift, especially for those who will reuse it for an adult beverage of their choosing.

Brandy Vase used as a Terrarium

 2. Candles

A brandy vase is the perfect shape for holding candles and providing an attractive base for catching any drips. The shape of the vase helps to create the perfect glow for any occasion. If you are having guests over, simply throw in some stones and place your candle on top to create a warm ambiance on your patio. If you feel particularly creative, why not try making your own candles by pouring wax directly into the vase. This would make a gorgeous housewarming gift for a special friend and is totally customizable too. Add a cute twist on things by cutting out some cardstock of your choice and creating a cone shape to place over your vase with a small candle to create a cute little lamp.

3. Containers

Once again the brandy vase has the perfect shape for holding everyday objects. The wide bottom allows you to fill the vase while the narrow neck holds everything neatly in place. The stem of the vase adds height for easy access to your items. Fill your vase with pearl beads and stick in your makeup brushes for a chic looking holder. For the crafty crowd, you can fill these vases with your spare craft supplies like ribbon and buttons, making the brandy vase a functional and decorative at the same time.

4. Craft Displays

For the creative person, this vase is a dream. There are so many awesome little worlds you can create in this unique vase to use as décor around your home or as centerpieces at functions. For the holiday season fill your vase with baubles and candy canes, or colorful Easter eggs or jellybeans in the Spring. You can create a memory in a vase by collecting some items from a holiday trip and laying them into the vase. Beach sand with a few beautiful seashells makes a lovely, sentimental piece. Fill your vase with water and add a floating candle along with some small flower petals for a quick and easy romantic centerpiece.

5. Candy Jars

Let’s face it, we all wish we had a fully stocked candy bar in our home. Fill your vases with your favorite candy and leave at your front door when you are expecting guests, or fill with mints and leave in your kitchen for an after dinner treat. Candy bars are popular at functions and weddings, create a customized candy bar at your own parties with a variety of these vases. If candy just isn’t your thing, try filling your vase with your favorite cookies or mini marshmallows to accompany a hot chocolate station. Mix things up by adding in a few of our other vases in various shapes and sizes filled with treats of your choice.

While all of these craft and décor ideas are possible with our regular vase collection, brandy vases are our top pick because of its unique shape and ability to hold things in place, as well as the stem which shows off your display at a great height on tables. We love how easy it is to create an interesting little focal point in a matter of minutes using the brandy vase.

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