7 Vase Filler Ideas

7 Vase Filler Ideas

You bought a beautiful vase to display a bouquet of fresh flowers, but the flowers have wilted and it now sits empty. You may be tempted to store it until the next time you get flowers—but we have some better options.

A clear vase is one of the most versatile décor pieces because it can be the vehicle for countless creative fillers. Unlike fresh flowers, fillers have staying power, enabling you to display your beautiful vase year-round on tables, mantles, and desks, or in vignettes. Here are seven unique ideas to spark your creativity.


  1. Sand and shells

Filling a vase with sand and seashells not only adds a beachy vibe to your décor, but it can also provide a fun reminder of a beach getaway. Collect a variety of shells and a baggie of sand while on vacation and bring them home to add to your vase. With its rolling wave design, our Laguna Vase would be the perfect piece for this idea.


  1. Wine corks

If you love wine, toss your corks into a vase rather than the trash. If a cork is from a bottle enjoyed on a special occasion, like an anniversary or birthday, write the date and occasion on the cork to add a personal touch.  Once your vase is full, you can embellish it in many ways, such as adding decorative twigs, dried flowers, a faux succulent or a candle.


  1. Coffee beans

Are you more of a coffee person than a wine person? We have a perfect vase idea for you, too! Just fill your vase with coffee beans for great texture—and an amazing scent. Coffee beans are perfect for holding a pillar candle in place, or you could tuck silk flowers into the beans.


  1. Page scrolls

A page scroll is simply a piece of paper rolled into a tube and secured with a piece of twine or string. You could use pages from a book you don’t read, or you can get creative and personalize this vase idea. For example, to commemorate your wedding, you could create page scrolls from your wedding invitation, program, ceremony readings, and sheet music.


  1. Letters

Whether you use Scrabble tiles or colorful magnets, filling a vase with letters is perfect for a child’s room or styling a bookshelf. While primary-colored magnetic letters would look great in a kids’ room, you can refine them for an adult space by spray painting them metallic gold or silver. With its modern hourglass silhouette, our Reception Vase would be perfect for this idea.


  1. Dyed rock salt

We love the look of colorful crystals in a vase, but it can get expensive filling one up. To get the look for a fraction of the price, you can easily dye rock salt with food coloring. Just put the amount of salt you need in a baggie along with several drops of food coloring. Massage the food coloring and the salt until the color is evenly distributed. Allow the salt to dry in an open container and then add to your vase and top with tealight candles.


  1. Buttons

For a sweet-yet-refined vase idea, try buttons! For a neutral look, go monochromatic with buttons in varying shades of white and beige. Or, if you prefer colorful, get a rainbow of hues. Either way, be sure to include buttons of varying sizes to mix up the texture and visual appeal. We recommend pairing this idea with our Regal Vase.

We hope these vase filler ideas inspire you to get creative and start decorating your home! Shop for vase inspiration here: https://www.46spruce.com/collections/vases

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