8 Hanging Geometric Terrarium Decor Ideas

8 Hanging Geometric Terrarium Decor Ideas

Geometric Terrariums are having a moment right now, and it’s easy to understand why. These fun and funky suspended decorations may be small, but they can make a huge impact on a space. If you want to try this trend—but aren’t sure how to get started—check out these eight hanging geometric terrarium décor ideas. 

  1. Above a table

Whether you’re planning a tablescape for a soiree—or you just want to add some panache to your dining room—suspending geometric terrariums above a dining table will instantly elevate your table’s visual appeal. Hang the terrariums staggered and at varying lengths for even more impact. For a decoration that only needs to last one night, fill your geometric terrariums with fresh flowers. For a more permanent installation, consider succulents or air plants. 

  1. At the altar

If you’re getting ready to say “I do,” consider geometric terrariums for your altar décor. Hanging a grouping of our Dodecahedron Geometric Hanging Terrariums from your ceremony arch will add an instant boho-chic feel to your nuptials. Fill them with a mixture of succulents and sand or tea light candles for a romantic touch. 

  1. In your office

If your office is a bit drab and in need of some décor, look no further than a cluster of hanging geometric terrariums. If you’re lucky enough to have a workspace with a window, fill them with air plants for a low-maintenance way to add some fresh greenery to your space. If you’re lacking natural light, consider filling them with dainty faux succulents and a mixture of pretty polished stones and seashells.


Hanging Geometric Terrarium

  1. On the wall

Have a bland or bare wall above your couch or buffet table? Fill it in with a row of hanging geometric terrariums! Get creative with ways to hang your terrariums. We love the look of terrariums hanging from a line of hooks. Or, for a more natural look, hang them at varying lengths from a rustic tree branch. 

  1. At a baby/bridal shower

Whether you’re throwing a shower for a mama-to-be or a bride-to-be, your guest of honor will need a throne to sit on while she opens her gifts. What better way to embellish her seat than a cluster of geometric terrariums hanging above it? Fill them with fresh flowers and hang them in a chandelier formation for a decoration that will make her feel loved and like royalty on her special day. 

  1. In a corner nook

A cluster of three Pyramid Geometric Hanging Terrariums in a corner will instantly elevate the visual appeal in any room. Anchor the hanging terrariums with a lounge chair and side table. Throw in a cozy blanket, a good book and a cup of coffee—and you have yourself a perfect reading nook! 

hanging geomatric terrariums

  1. In a window

Hanging plants in a window might seem obvious, but we’d be remiss if we didn’t include this idea. Our Teardrop Geometric Hanging Terrarium will catch the sun and sparkle as it hangs in your window. This idea is perfect for any window in your home, but we especially love the look of a hanging terrarium in a kitchen sink window or a bathroom window.

  1. From your porch

In lieu of traditional hanging baskets, opt for a more modern and chic look by hanging geometric terrariums from your porch awning or pergola beams. Fill your alfresco terrariums with moss and cascading plants for a rustic look.

Now that you know some great ways to use them, shop our geometric terrariums here: https://www.46spruce.com/collections/terrariums

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