9 Best Succulents for Your Terrarium

9 Best Succulents for Your Terrarium

We've compiled nine of the best succulents to plant in your terrarium.
Here are our top picks:

9 best succulents for your terrarium

PINCUSHION CACTUSMedicine Plant Hens & Chicks Paddle PlantZebra HaworthiaBurro's TailString of PearlsTiger JawsAgavePincushion Cactus 

This cactus has small flowers that give your terrarium a delicate appeal. These require a high amount of light and dry soil between waterings.

Medicine Plant 

This plant adds a sharp, spiky texture to your terrarium. Healing sap of the aloe plant has been used to treat wounds and sunburn.

Hens & Chicks 

This is one of the most popular succulents used in terrariums. This includes plump petals that add the finishing touch to your terrarium.

Paddle Plant

 This plant has flat leaves that layer into a rosette which provides a pretty petal display.

 Zebra Haworthia

This plant will add a spikey, leathery look to your terrarium. The striped pattern adds color and interest to the ensemble.

Burro's Tail

The ropey leaves can be pale green to a blue green for a unique look.

String of Pearls 

The long, trailing stems add height and drama to hanging terrariums. 

Tiger Jaws 

These sharp leaves are like a tiger's jaw. Low growing, star-shaped rosettes will sprout a beautiful yellow flower.


The agave plant has endless varieties to choose from to add texture and volume to your terrarium




Derek Woodruff, AIFD, PFCI, CF, Owner of Floral Underground 







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