9 Ideas for Glass Vase Wedding Centerpieces

9 Ideas for Glass Vase Wedding Centerpieces

If you're currently planning or have ever planned a wedding, you know how expensive even the smallest details of the event can become. From invitations and catering, to tuxes and gowns, planning a wedding can quickly eat up your wallet.

hanging terrarium centerpiece

One easy way to save money is to make and use your own DIY wedding decorations. A great place to start with DIY wedding endeavors is with your vase centerpieces. Making your own centerpieces is not only more cost-effective than renting them, it's more fun!

Plus, instead of saying goodbye to them at the end of the night, you'll get to take them home to use as decorations, or gift them away to your friends and family. When it comes to classy and versatile centerpieces, you can't go wrong with glass vases. Here are nine ideas for glass vase wedding centerpieces that you can pin and shop while you plan.  

  1. Colorful Centerpiece
rosie posie vase

While clear glass vases are certainly a popular choice when it comes to wedding centerpieces, tinted vases can add a fun and sophisticated pop of color to your tablescapes. Our Rosie Posie Vases come in multiple color options so you can coordinate your floral arrangement to your vase for a Pinterest-worthy, pulled-together look.

  1. Succulent Centerpiece
rose gold footed bowl centerpiece

Flowers aren't you thing? Try creating a centerpiece of succulents, instead. Your guests will love admiring these trendy plants and instead of having to throw them out in a few days time, you can care for your succulents beyond the big day. Our Rose Gold Footed Bowl is perfect for creating a succulent planter that will not only look gorgeous at your wedding, but also in your home.

  1. Terrarium Centerpiece
gathering vase centerpiece

Another alternative to floral centerpieces is a DIY terrarium centerpiece. Our terrarium kits take the guesswork out of putting together a beautiful terrarium, and our Gathering Vase pictured above provides a perfect and versatile vessel for the centerpieces. The best part about terrarium vase centerpieces? You can repurpose them over and over again.

  1. Rustic Centerpiece
wire lantern

If you're looking for a centerpiece with a rustic or farmhouse vibe, you can't go wrong with our Wire Lantern Planters. Fill these planters with greenery, flowers, or candles for centerpiece creations that are both chic and affordable.

  1. Traditional Centerpiece
fleur de lis vase

Traditional weddings can be visually stunning, but they typically come with a steep price tag. If you're planning a traditional wedding, create your own centerpieces with our Fleur De Lis Vase. Inspired by the French Quarter, these vases look gorgeous with roses, peonies, ivy, and lots of greenery accents.


  1. Miniature Centerpiece
Antoinette vase

Who says centerpieces have to be huge? Sometimes, it's the little details that are the most memorable at weddings and other  special events. Create your own miniature centerpieces with our Antoinette Vase. This small glass vase is elegant, versatile and best of all, unexpected.  

  1. Modern Centerpiece
prism bowl centerpiece

Contemporary weddings need centerpieces that look just as modern. Our Prism Bowl is a versatile piece that allows you to create a modern centerpiece with flowers, candles, succulents, or a terrarium. Not to mention, these trendy vases make great gifts to give away to your wedding party post-event.

  1. Romantic Centerpiece
vintage lace centerpiece

Is there anything more romantic than lace? If the goal for your wedding is to achieve that effortless, shabby-chic aesthetic, look no further than our Vintage Lace Apothecary Bottles for easy centerpiece inspiration. For a truly vintage feel, use a variety of vase shapes and sizes to complete the mismatched, yet balanced look.

  1. Candle Centerpiece
pebble stone vase

Candles can really set the mood of any event, but especially a wedding. For a creative way to display candles as a centerpiece, our Pebble Stone Vases are a great solution. Stick with one size, or have fun with all three — small, medium, and large — for a cohesive, curated look.

We have a vast collection of glass vases that are perfect for wedding centerpieces. Take a look at them here and find the perfect centerpiece to complement your wedding's style and design.
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