Beach Wedding Triangle Arch Installation

Beach Wedding Triangle Arch Installation

Oversized arches and installations are all the rage in today’s weddings and events. They make very photogenic backdrops for ceremonies and provide a unique photo op for guests attending the event as well.

Floral Installation Trend

For florists, it has become a major trend to set up floral installations on-site rather than making each floral piece ahead of time in a shop or studio. Whether it is for a wedding or some other kind of event, this gives the designer much more freedom and creativity for the overall concept of the installation. Arches provide this flexibility and unique design opportunity.

Background of the Wedding Arch

The use of wedding arches, defined as a structure that holds branches, vines, and/or flowers that the bride and groom typically stand under to say their vows, dates back to ancient times. In many cultures, the wedding arch has been a central part of the wedding ceremony for centuries. For example, in Jewish tradition, the chuppah (a sprawling, four-posted wedding arch) symbolizes the couple's new home and the shelter and protection that their home will provide. The use of a wedding arch is also common in Christian, Hindu, and other religious and cultural traditions. In modern times, the wedding arch has become a popular decorative element in wedding ceremonies, with couples often incorporating flowers, greenery, and other decor to create a beautiful and personalized backdrop for their special day.

Triangle Wedding Arch Installation

For this project, an unconventional, triangle wedding arch was chosen. This arch kit is one of four shapes of arches available from 46 & Spruce. What makes these arches different from traditional wedding arches, which are typically made of wood or wrought iron, is that they are made of a hollow, twisted steel that is plastic coated. This unique construction makes them strong, yet very light weight.

Triangle Wedding Arch Beach Installation Time Lapse Video

Also, more convenient than the tradition wood or iron models, is that when disassembled, these arches are more compact and easily stored as shorter pieces. This makes the structure more modular, easy to transport, and easy enough for one person to set up, as you can see from our triangle arch installation video. Although these arch kits are only available as black in color, they can easily be color fashioned with spray paint. As seen here, we painted our triangle arch gold.

Wedding Arch Kits

The featured arch kits can hold many different types of mechanics. Since this ceremony took place on a beach where there easily could have been windy conditions plus warm temperatures, a floral foam cage was chosen as the base for both holding the flowers and providing a water source. This ensured that the flowers stayed as fresh as possible, as long as possible. The mechanic was easily attached to the cross bars of the arch, which were placed exactly where the flowers were needed, and was held in place with simple cable ties. 

Flowers to Use on a Wedding Arch

Fresh product for this installation included a 6-foot mixed greenery garland that helped make the installation look as large as possible. Flowers featured here are Quicksand and Leonidas Roses, Caramel Antique Carnations, Antiqued Hydrangea, Zinnias as well as ornamental Grasses and mixed varieties of Eucalyptus that help fill out and add texture to the floral installation. 

As seen in our photos and video, this installation is designed as a 3D piece rather than a 2D, flat design. The ladder has been a common theme for years in the floral industry. By designing this installation to be viewed from all sides, not only is it aesthetically pleasing no matter where a photograph is taken, but it also makes the overall construction more balanced visually and makes it a more durable structure physically.  

Another perk of the triangle modular arch system is that once the ceremony is finished, the structure can easily be partially disassembled and collapsed, then simply carried up the hill and set up again at the reception. The arch then becomes a photo backdrop for guests to have their pictures taken throughout the rest of the event. 

Although over-sized floral installations may seem intimidating, working with the right construction materials can make it quite easy. This complete floral installation took just around an hour from start to finish including setting up the arch, attaching the design mechanics, and fully creating the floral installation from scratch. Sometimes, prepping the materials and designing the arrangements for the installation in the studio can take just as long and doesn’t even include the set-up time.

Try using one of these amazing wedding arch kits from 46 & Spruce for an upcoming wedding or event installation.


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