Boho Inspired Terrarium Container Ideas

Boho Inspired Closed Terrarium Ideas

Embracing your inner bohemian isn’t just about the look it’s about the lifestyle. Plants and succulents can be a key aspect of the aesthetic, which is why we are here with boho inspired closed terrarium ideas.

As living pieces of artwork, terrariums are a great way to bring that warm earthy feel to your living space and tie together any room with a pop of green. Decorating them to fit your boho theme will provide a cohesive vibe for your home wherever you decide to showcase your succulent beauties.

To help give you some inspiration and extra information on how to a create bohemian inspired closed terrarium; here are 2 examples of boho terrariums and how to create them.


Concrete Closed Terrarium

Terrarium Container: Concrete Planter

Despite the complicated appearance of concrete planters, they are actually quite simple to make. For this project you will first need to gather your materials. You’ll need to purchase your closed terrarium, find a bowl or make a mold that will hold your concrete, acquire some concrete mix and potentially purchase sand paper.

For this project we suggest you use and old plastic or paper bowl that is larger than the base of your closed terrarium. Mix the concrete according to the packaging instructions and pour this into the bowl, just to enough to fill the bottom. Cover the bottom piece of your terrarium with tin foil and place it into the concrete, this will allow you to remove your terrarium base from the concrete after it’s dry. Let the concrete set according to package instructions.

Once the concrete has set and is completely dry, remove the base from the concrete as carefully as possible and peel out the tin foil. Then you should carefully remove the concrete base from the plastic bowl you used as a mold. Once you have your new concrete base removed, you might need to sand any rough areas with a medium grain sand paper to make it smooth.

Now you should have your concrete base, yay!

Decorate your closed terrarium as you wish, if you need some help check this post, and place the glass top on your newly decorated concrete base.

Don’t want to make your own? Check out our concrete planters.


Macrame Hanging Closed Terrarium

The complex beauty of a macrame hanging closed terrarium can seems even more difficult than a concrete planter, but actually requires less time and less steps. For this project all you will need is your DIY Terrarium Kit, some thick crochet cord, a large metal ring (preferably 4+ inches in diameter), and a simple plant hook.

You will want to start by cutting 4 long pieces of your cord, about 10 feet long each, depending on how long you want your closed terrarium to hang. 10 feet will allow the closed terrarium to hang about 2 feet from the ring, if you want any shorter or longer just cut the length accordingly.

You will then want to pull the 4 pieces of cord through your ring so every piece is aligned to be the same length, giving you 8 equal length ends to work with. Secure a polished knot at the top and split your 8 cords into 4 sections of 2 cords each. You will then secure a knot for each 2 cord section down 20 inches from the top base knot. After securing those knots, split the sections into 8 individual cords again and re-pair them with a new individual cord next to it that has been previously knotted with a different cord. Make a secure knot down 5 inches from the previous knot.

Lastly, knot all of the cords together once again about 3-7 inches (3-5 for shorter terrariums and 6-8 for taller terrariums) from the previous knot and trim the extra cords at the bottom to all be the same length.

Now that you have your macrame closed terrarium holder, you can decorate your terrarium as you wish (if you need some helpful tips, click here) and you can move on to assembly. Install your plant hook in a secure location - if indoors and using a screw in plant hook, try to find a stud. Carefully place your closed terrarium in the macrame holder, and hang using the metal ring at the top.

For a more in depth explanation on how to macrame a plant holder, click here.

These two bohemian inspired terrariums are sure to bring your aesthetic together and add an earthy element to any living space. Ready to create yours? Shop our terrarium containers to get started.

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