A large white urn with a multi-colored floral arrangement of fresh flowers

Different Types of Wedding Table Centerpieces and How to Use Them

Floral table centerpieces are a staple of wedding decor, and there are many different types to suit every couple’s tastes and venue. Beyond using varying flowers and color palettes, you can create a range of centerpiece shapes to achieve beautiful displays. Mastering these different centerpieces allows you to expand your floral offerings and customer base. Here are some of the most popular types of wedding table centerpieces and the wholesale florist’s supplies and techniques you need to create them.

Use Tall Wedding Table Centerpieces for Dramatic Displays

A white bowl style vase with a tall white and green floral arrangement

Tall centerpieces are beautiful and attention-grabbing on a wedding table.

A wedding is the perfect time to go all-out, including with floral arrangements. Couples who want stunning decor will appreciate tall, well-placed centerpieces. Tall centerpieces lend visual grandeur and drama to an event. They work especially well on tables where no one will be sitting, such as a guest book table, food tables, or gift tables. 

The most straightforward way to create a tall wedding table centerpiece is to start with a tall vase and use tall stems. Be sure to use plenty of floral foam for support. A reusable mechanic like the Holly Chapple Pillow is another ideal option for securing tall flowers. 

Create Low Wedding Centerpieces for Dining Tables

Bright orange and light pink floral arrangement in a low profile Rosie Posey clear jar

You can decorate wedding tables without blocking the view with beautiful, short centerpieces.

Tall wedding centerpieces look stunning, but their height can be problematic if they block someone’s view. If your customers want floral arrangements on dining tables, create low-profile centerpieces that won’t impede their guests’ view of the room or table mates. Use shorter or hanging stems to minimize height. Short vases will work, but they may limit how many blooms you use. A wide-mouth urn or bowl lets you use more flowers without creating much height. 

Put Wide Flower Centerpieces on Large Tables

A large, wide floral arrangement in a bowl on a dining table

A low, wide floral arrangement makes for an elegant wedding table centerpiece on large tables.

You can still make a big impact with floral table centerpieces without using tall stems. Use an elegant bowl or urn overflowing with flowers for large tables where guests need to see over the centerpiece. Foliage and blooms that seem to spill out of the container will fill up empty space on large or long tables with a beautiful effect. Mix short-stemmed flowers with vinyl foliage and angle things within the container to achieve this look. The Holly Chapple Pillow is your best option for arranging stems and keeping them in place for this silhouette.

Symmetrical Centerpieces Look Lovely with Traditional Wedding Decor

A bouquet of red roses arranged in a clear vase

A symmetrical floral centerpiece looks gorgeous from every angle.

You need to consider symmetry when you create wedding table centerpieces. Symmetrical displays suit traditional, formal wedding decor and give everyone at a table the same view of the arrangement. To create an elegant, symmetrical centerpiece, follow a pattern in your flower placement and cut and secure stems to achieve a uniform shape rather than letting them fall wherever. A flower grid makes this process simple.

Asymmetrical Centerpieces Give Decor a More Natural or Whimsical Look 


A large asymmetrical floral arrangement in a church

Asymmetrical table centerpieces add a touch of whimsy to wedding decor.

Not every couple wants traditional wedding decor. More whimsical and rustic themes are becoming popular too. For less formal decor, free-form centerpieces are more appropriate. These fun arrangements look looser and more natural. You’ll still want to secure stems for transportation, but you can use many different flowers and foliage cut at different lengths and angles to create informal, abstract arrangements. 

Find Supplies for Wedding Table Centerpieces

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