DIY Candy Buffet Using Jars and Vases

DIY Candy Buffet Using Jars and Vases

Who doesn’t love a candy buffet? DIY Candy Buffets are perfect for weddings, baby showers and birthdays, especially when plenty of kids are present.

Wedding picture of vases used as candy buffet.


Creating a candy buffet for your next special occasion doesn’t need to be hard or expensive. You simply need a selection of your favorite candies and some beautiful glass jars.

Before you go buying everything at the candy shop, you need a plan! And that’s where we come in.

To begin planning for your DIY candy buffet, start with the color scheme, move onto the layout, and then choose your candy! We have put together a few different color schemes and layouts to consider for your next special event:



Keep your candy buffet super stylish by picking a color tone and sticking with it. Try whites, creams and yellows or blues and purples.


Tonal Candy Buffet

Complementary Colors

A complementary color look is the best option for your DIY candy buffet because you get to have a selection of colorful candies, while still keeping it subtle and stylish. Just pick two or three matching colors and use one more predominantly than others.  


Mix and Match

Mix and match is perfect for a child’s birthday party, and by far the easiest to set up! Just grab some jars, several bags of candy, and you’re done! Try mixing up various types candies for a beautiful party display. 



Having a candy buffet theme is a great option for baby showers or weddings. At these kinds of occasions, you will want to use decorations alongside the color. Think hearts for weddings and baby images for the shower.

Themed Candy Buffet

Next, it’s onto picking the glass jars. The key here is to pick three or four different sizes and styles. You will want to pick a large jar like this Cylinder Terrarium or this Hurricane Vase to give height and structure to the mid-point and back half of the buffet. The rest of the jars need to be a mixture of medium and small jars, which will be scattered in front. Choose vases with a little more character like this Footed Terrarium, Peony Vase or this classic Bubble Ball.

Next, you need to pick the candy buffet layout. This will depend on the shape of the table you’re using and whether you will be offering other food on it besides candies.


Casual Layout

For your DIY candy buffet, think bowls and jars of candies casually scattered around the table. Random and undone is the key for this layout. This set up teams perfectly with the mix and match color scheme.  

DIY Candy Buffet


Lined Up

Probably the most obvious and very effective layout is the lineup. Try the larger jars in the middle, descending in height to the smallest on either side for a symmetrical and balanced look. Adding flowers to the table can really bring the setting together.

Tip: Choose flowers in the same colors as your candy for a dramatic monochromatic effect



Another favorite of ours is lining the jars up in rows. Place smallest jars in front, medium ones in the middle and the large jars in the back. This layout makes best use of the table space and gives maximum visual impact.

Once you’ve decided on a layout for your DIY candy buffet, you’re ready to go shopping. First stop, candy tasting! Then, onto vase and jar buying. We’ve got a good selection of DIY candy bar jars, vases and lidded terrariums  at 46 & Spruce that would be perfect for your next candy buffet.

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