DIY Succulent Garden in a Terrarium Container

DIY Succulent Gardens in Terrarium Containers

As spring reaches full bloom, we get excited about the lovely new greenery that surrounds us outside. Many of us are also excited to bring the feeling of spring inside too. Succulents are great hardy plants that will bring the feeling of spring and fresh air into your home. Not only are succulent gardens in terrarium containers beautiful but they require minimal effort after set-up, leaving you plenty of time to enjoy the newly warm weather.

Creating succulent gardens in terrarium containers is actually quite easy. There are minimal steps involved and only a few things you’ll need to know to keep your plant babies happy and healthy long-term.


Let’s start with supplies:

  1. A wide-mouth bowl (check out our Terrarium Containers)
  2. Terrarium Soil
  3. A variety of succulents (preferably ones with different textures, colors and shapes
  4. Terrarium Tools
  5. Terrarium Hydrostones (or gravel)
  6. Gloves
  7. Water


  1. The first step is to fill your terrarium containers with a two-inch layer of hydrostones, or gravel, at the bottom. Hydrostones are a particular high performance growing media that is engineered to deliver proper air and water beneath the roots for optimal growing. This creates a drainage systems for the succulents that will prohibit over watering and root rot.
  2. Next you’ll want to add a layer of the terrarium soil on top of that gravel. This type of soil retains little moisture which is perfect for cacti and succulents.
  3. Now it’s time to plant your succulents. You will want to have an arrangement in mind before you plant, otherwise you risk damaging the root systems if you have to move them. Once you have an idea of your arrangement, plant the middle succulent by using terrarium tools to properly dig a hole and carefully plant the succulent. If your cacti or succulent has sharp edges, it would be a good idea to wear gloves.
  4. Keeping your arrangement idea in mind, build out from the middle succulent. You should try to keep your succulents around 1-2 inches apart to allow room for growth and to avoid having to repot them soon after. 1-2 inches is plenty of room for your succulents to grow into a lush and beautiful arrangement.
  5. Add soil in your terrarium containers wherever it might look sparse. You will want to make sure all the roots are completely covered.
  6. Lastly, give these plant babies some water. You’ll want to give each arrangement a light mist, just enough to dampen the top layer of soil. These plants survive best with a light mist of water once a week during warm seasons and once every two weeks during colder seasons. The root systems are very good at holding water and providing plenty of water to the plants, so be careful not to over water.

DIY Succulent Garden in a Terrarium Container

Pro Tip: Adding geodes and crystals to your terrarium containers can add new elements of beauty and increase the therapeutic qualities of your garden. 


Now that you are equipped with the information to DIY your own succulent gardens in terrarium containers, check out our DIY Terrarium Kits and Terrarium Containers to get started!

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