DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts Using Glass Vases

DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts Using Glass Vases

Valentine's Day is the perfect reason to shower your loved one with gifts, but unfortunately, the anxiety of finding the perfect gift can often be overwhelming. This doesn’t need to be the case. A DIY Valentine’s Day gift can be as simple as flowers in a vase, with one of our special twists. 

Valentine's Day Vases

Our mantra for Valentine’s Day this year is “simple is better”. So, with that in mind, we have come up with the best DIY Valentine’s Day gifts using new plays on a simple vase and flowers.  


Decorated Vases

Adding an embellishment or decoration to a vase gives the whole gift a more personal touch. Your sweetheart will surely feel loved with all the effort you’ve put into making a vase personalized just for them.

A simple way to decorate your vase is with a little burlap, lace and twine. The combination of these materials provides a rustic chic look, so be sure to pick flowers that are a bit wild and whimsical to match. 

Consider using one of these Vintage Jars with Hangers, They come in a variety of colors, making it easy to match to your color scheme. They also come with a hanger and, although removable, could add a little something extra to your gift.

Vintage Vase Jars


Try hanging a few of them around the place filled with gorgeous flowers, scatter rose petals on the floor and have yummy dinner in the oven! That’s surely going to get a 10/10 on the Valentine's Day meter!

For a more stylish Valentine’s Day gift, wrap the whole vase in white lace or linen. The effect of fabric teaming with a cluster of roses is stunning to say the least.  All you will need is a little hot glue to hold the fabric in place. The great thing with hot glue is it sets in seconds, so there is no waiting for the glue to dry.

Another option is to buy a vase that comes with a fitted, ready-made fabric cover. The Linen Jacket Rosie Posie Vase is a convenient, go-to option that even comes with a wooden tag for even more personalization.

Linen Jacket Rosie Posie Vase


Using what you have on hand to create your DIY Valentine’s Day gift is always a winner in our books. It means less cost and you’re recycling at the same time! So, we tried wrapping our vases in old newspaper and the effect was pretty charming. You could also try adding some twine or lace to hold it in place and you’re ready to go!


Painted Vases

A fun way to personalize your vase is with paint. Whether you choose to paint the whole vase, just a pattern, or write a simple message, it’s sure to be one of a kind.

A winner around here is a vase painted in one color, filled with a flower of a bold, contrasting color. There’s no need to stick with the traditional Valentine's Day colors here. In fact, breaking away from those colors will really make your gift stand out. Try painting the vase with your loved one’s favorite color and complement it with a flower of another favorite color.


Decorative Vase

If you don’t have time for painting and decorating your DIY Valentine’s Day gift, the next thing to try is buying a vase that’s already decorated, like this Vintage Lace Vase. This charming vase comes with a removable lace sleeve, so all that’s left to do is find the perfect flowers! This is definitely one of our favorite DIY Valentine’s Day gifts this year.

Vintage Lace Vase


Vase in a Bag

A great way to add a unique twist to your vase is making a bag for it to sit in. This is quite a popular look at the moment and there are so many options of materials to use like denim, linen, hessian or even knitted yarn. 

To do this, cut a fabric into a square shape, sit the vase in the center, fold the fabric up around the neck of the vase and then secure in place with twine or ribbon.

If you want to skip these steps, you could always buy a ready-made one, like this cute Linen Jacket Bistro Bottle. It comes complete with a wooden tag ready for you to customize with a love note.

Linen Jacket Bistro Bottle

We hope we’ve helped you figure out your Valentine’s Day gift for another year. A perfect gift doesn’t need to be extravagant to make your sweetheart feel loved. A simple DIY Valentine’s Day gift will do the trick.

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