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Favorite Plants for Indoor & Outdoor Planters

46 & Spruce has a beautiful selection of the containers you need to add greenery to your home, both indoors and outdoors. If you don’t consider yourself to be a great gardener, fear not, because we are here to help you choose the best plants to suit your indoor and outdoor planters perfectly.

We have a beautiful selection of indoor and outdoor planters that can be paired with your pick of plants to add some fresh decor to your home. Whether you are looking for indoor planters to add to your home decor or for outdoor planters to create a simple mini garden, 46 & Spruce has a variety of options for you. First select your favorite indoor or outdoor planter and match it with a plant that you love, and you have a beautiful showpiece for your home or garden.

If you want to spruce up your home with some pretty plants and modern planters, we have a variety of styles to suit your interior and exterior. Choose contemporary concrete like the Urban Wave Planter to create a chic, clean look. If you prefer a rustic natural feel, go for outdoor planters that have natural earthy colors and textures, such as the Modern Cork Dish Garden. Both of these planters can be used indoors and outdoors, depending on the look you want to create. Wider planters, such as the Cork Dish, are perfect for creating mini landscapes  and more detailed mini gardens, while the Urban Wave is a great pick for single potted plants.

weathered slate large urban wave planter

modern cork garden dish planter


If you could use some more variety in your home, opt for outdoor planters that have multiple planters in one. You can plant the same or different plants in each section to create a more natural, garden-like look. These planters are great for window ledges and large tables, or low walls and tables on your patio or deck. These types of outdoor planters are also excellent for planting herbs, which can look beautiful while also being useful in the kitchen. The Urban Earth Trio Planter is one of our favorite outdoor planters. It is made of natural materials and can withstand outdoor weather conditions.

weathered slate urban earth trio planter

If you are looking to bring the outdoors in, then we have many unique options for indoors as well. The Vintage Drawer Trio Planter is a beautiful rustic planter that is well suited for indoor areas and adds a farmhouse chic look to your living spaces.

Adding plants paired with the correct indoor or outdoor planters to your home can instantly update your home decor with minimal effort and fuss. You can create so many interesting feature spaces by pairing different style planters and plant varieties together in one section. Large indoor spaces and outdoor areas are usually the best place to create these interesting focal points, as the space lends itself to being a little more filled rather than cluttering smaller areas. Combining a variety of indoor and outdoor planters can display your plants beautifully and add visual interest to any living space. Plants are beautiful all year round if you take care of them and can last many years in your home in their selected planters.


If you are unsure of which plants and planters best suit your home, have a look at our list of tips to make sure you are pairing the correct plant and planter.

Indoor Plants & Planters

Pick your favorite planter and plant from our list and you can easily create your own unique indoor garden. Remember to pick a planter that allows the plant to grow and won’t restrict its growing potential. Try choosing planters that have drainage holes so that water doesn’t become stagnant at the bottom of the pot, which can cause root damage. Many pots don’t have these drainage holes, but can still be used if you are aware of how much you are watering your plant.Be careful not to over-water plants in these planters. If you are a new gardener and aren’t confident in your watering skills, keep your plant in the plastic pot it was purchased in and put it into your decorative planter. That way the plant can still drain excess water even in the decorative planter of your choice.. A few of our favorite indoor plants are:

  • Aloe
  • Snake Plant
  • Peace Lily
  • Ficus
  • English Ivy
  • Jade Plant
  • Rubber Tree
  • Shamrock Plant
  • Fiddle-leaf Fig
  • Areca Palm


Outdoor Plants & Outdoor Planters

Choosing plants for outdoor planters is an easier task. When choosing planters, make sure that they can withstand the weather conditions depending on where they are placed. If you are planting plants that grow big, make sure you choose a planter that the plant can grow into. Read the tags on the plants that you buy, as they will tell you how much sun and water your plant needs. Have fun with it- nature has no specific arrangement of plants and nor should your DIY garden creation.

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