How The Holly Heider Chapple Collection Can Save You Time And Money

How The Holly Heider Chapple Collection Can Save You Time And Money

Florists of all skill levels use pieces from the Holly Heider Chapple collection to achieve the looks they want for their flower arrangements. But did you know they can save you time and money too? As a master florist herself, Holly Heider Chapple knew what she was doing in designing her popular floral mechanics and wedding centerpiece containers. Each one gives you total control while constructing flower arrangements, but they also make the work easy and help you save money on supplies. If you haven’t tried one of these innovative products, it’s time you did!

The Holly Chapple Egg And Pillow Make Arrangements Look Bigger

A florist inserts foliage stems into a Holly Chapple egg cage

With the Holly Chapple egg, it's easy to place stems to create voluminous bouquets.

The Holly Chapple Egg and Pillow are two of the most popular products in the collection. The Egg is an oval “cage” ideal for holding a bouquet together. The Holly Chapple Pillow is a circular cage that keeps centerpiece flowers in place. Both work by locking stems in place, giving you more control over the look of your designs. With more precise placement, it’s easy to create volume in floral arrangements and make them look bigger without adding more blooms or foliage. And a bigger finished product translates into a higher sale price, even though you used fewer flowers. You can create more expensive arrangements and increase profits without changing your supply budget.

Holly Chapple Products Save You Money On Flowers

A Holly Chapple egg and pillow mechanics displayed next to pink roses

Use the Holly Chapple pillow or egg to design gorgeous arrangements with fewer flowers.

Holly Chapple Eggs and Pillows can help you save money too. They were specially designed to give you more control over the placement of individual stems, letting you create full-looking bouquets with fewer flowers. With more precise placement, you get fewer gaps and need fewer filler plants. That’s less you have to spend on flowers, saving you money each time you use a Holly Chapple Pillow or Egg.

The Holly Chapple Pillow Makes Transporting Easier

The Holly Chapple pillow inside a wide vase on a florist's work table

Keep flower arrangements in place when you start with the Holly Chapple pillow.

Nothing is worse than your beautiful floral creations falling apart when transporting them to and from venues. The movements of carrying and driving event centerpieces can cause flower stems to shift and entire arrangements to come apart if they aren’t properly secured. You never have to worry about that with products like the Holly Chapple Pillow cage. It holds everything together, even during accidental spills. And, because the Pillow locks the design in place without taping it to the container, you can easily clean the container and refill the water when you get to the venue.

Abby Compotes Add Value To The Finished Product Without Going Over Budget

A pink and green flower arrangement in the Abby compote bowl

A floral centerpiece made with the Abby compote looks just as luxurious as one made with real glass.

The Holly Heider Chapple collection also includes several versatile vases and bowls for holding your flower arrangements. The beautiful Holly Chapple Abby compote is the perfect vessel for centerpieces. Its high-grade plastic resin looks like clear, cut glass but costs much less than a glass vase. But don’t hold back pricing centerpieces as high-end products when you use the Abby compote. Its beauty makes your finished designs just as valuable as something that uses real glass. The Abby also weighs less for easy transportation and stacks well for storage.

Reusable Holly Chapple Products Are Cost-effective

Floral stems in a Holly Chapple pillow mechanic

The Holly Chapple pillow and other products can be used countless times, saving you money.

The art of floral arranging uses many perishable and disposable florist supplies. Once you use them, they go in the trash. But the Holly Heider Chapple collection focuses on reusable products that are more cost-effective. Pay for them once and use them over and over! This is better for your budget and the environment.

Find High-quality Holly Chapple Florist Supplies At 46 & Spruce

When you want to save time and money, turn to the curated Holly Heider Chapple collection available at 46 & Spruce. Each piece is carefully designed to make it easier to create show-stopping floral arrangements for every occasion. We also carry bulk florist supplies available to our Professional account holders. Have questions? Contact us today, and our expert customer service representatives will be happy to help.

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