How to Make a DIY Wearable Terrarium with Derek

How to Make a DIY Wearable Terrarium with Derek

 What could be cuter than a tiny world of small-scale plants and decorative materials contained in a little glass bubble? Terrariums have been all the rage lately, displayed in a multitude of large and small glass containers. We see them at restaurants, in shops and on everyone's dining table. But what if you could wear your terrarium and show it off everywhere you go?

With this simple list of materials available from, you can create your own little world as a necklace. This is a wonderful activity for adults and kids alike, so invite your friends and family over and make it a fun group project.

The following list includes all the necessary items for your wearable terrarium: mini glass bottles with cork tops, screw eyehooks, jump rings, jewelry cords, and adhesive. Beyond these basic ingredients, any decorative items are up to you. Keep in mind that these bottles are very, very tiny, so choose small materials. I recommend using decorative sand or tiny pebbles, colored lichen or mosses, twigs, seeds, and/or teeny, tiny pieces of plant material. Many of these items are available at your local craft store, online or even outside in nature.

materials for terrarium necklace

Links to Materials:

Mini Clear Glass Bottles with Cork Stoppers 

Silver Screw Eyehooks 

Silver Jump Rings

Jewelry Cord

Jewelry Adhesive

Household Items to Have on Hand:

- Tweezers

- Needle-nose pliers

all materials including live materials for terrarium necklace

Begin by layering the decorative materials in the bottle. Put the finest materials, like sand, in first, as the smaller materials will end up filtering through larger or courser materials anyway. Continue to layer your ingredients until you're happy with the results. Tweezers will help you control where you place the ingredients in such a small space. If you are using permanent materials, meaning all decorative and no living plants, use the adhesive to glue the cork top in place. This will guarantee that the bottle doesn't come apart from the cork top. If you are using live plant material, it is better to use just a dab of adhesive to keep your cork secure, but allow for future access inside the bottle. You will likely need to take the top off to remove and replace the plant material in case it becomes unattractive. 

terrarium necklace almost fully assembled

Once you have filled the bottle and the cork top is in place, screw a silver eyehook into the top of the cork topper. Putting a dab of adhesive on the tiny corkscrew will keep the eyehook from coming loose over time. Next, install a jump ring to the eyehook using needle nose pliers to open and close the ring. To finish, thread your jewelry cord through the jump ring, and cut to the desired length. Knot the cord and you are done!

final assembled terrarium necklace

These fun necklaces make great DIY gifts and can be worn with a number of fashions. They are a sure conversation starter and you'll feel very accomplished by finishing one of these unique pieces of wearable art. 



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