How to Price Flower Arrangements for a Profit

How to Price Flower Arrangements for a Profit

Whether you’re an experienced florist or just starting, you deserve a fair price for your work and creativity. However, even seasoned professionals can struggle with how to price flower arrangements. You need to cover the cost of quality wholesale florist supplies and labor, plus earn enough money to make your efforts worthwhile. You also don’t want to overprice your products and drive customers away. Here are some tips for choosing flower arrangement prices that will make you a profit. 

How to Calculate Flower Arrangement Prices

Bright pink flowers and greenery in a clear holly chapple abby compote

Use a pricing formula to ensure you get consistently fair prices for your floral creations.

If you’re struggling with how to price flower arrangements, remember that the final price should cover the costs of your supplies and labor and make you a profit. Many florists find their price with a basic formula of:

  Cost of Supplies + Cost of Labor x 3 = Price


This formula considers the cost of supplies and labor, then multiplies that number to give you extra money for your profit. You might find a variation of this formula suits your business better, but you should use the same formula for every arrangement you sell to keep pricing consistent.

However you decide to price your flower arrangements, you’ll need to know how much your supplies and labor cost. Your cost of supplies is what you pay for the materials you use in an arrangement. The labor cost is your wage for the time it took to make the arrangement. If you ever feel you’re losing business because your pricing is too high or you’re not making enough profit, look for ways to cut supply and labor costs by changing the products you use.  

How to Cut Costs but Increase Profits

A hand holding a Holly Chapple egg with some stems of foliage in it

Reusable products like the Holly Chapple Egg help you save money and increase profits.

Saving money on supplies can help you keep pricing reasonable and increase your profits. Keep in mind you don’t want to decrease the quality of your products. If you can create flower arrangements that look as gorgeous as arrangements that cost more to make, you can still sell them at that higher price point for a better profit. Here are a few ideas for cutting supply costs without lowering prices. 

Buy Wholesale Supplies in Bulk

The easiest way to cut costs is to buy bulk supplies from a wholesaler. They offer the same quality of product as other retailers for less money and give you discounts for buying in bulk. If you have a favorite type of vase, you can purchase several at once for a lower unit price from a wholesaler than a retailer. You could still price your floral arrangements as if you used the retail vase and make some extra profit. 

Use Reusable Supplies 

Many florist supplies are one use only. If you can replace some of those materials with reusable products, you’ll save money over time. Try tools like the Holly Chapple Egg or Pillow. They let you secure flower stems in place and can be used over and over again so you don’t lose money on disposable foam. 

Find Ways to Use Fewer Flowers

The Holly Chapple Egg and Pillow also help you create stunning arrangements with fewer flowers. They hold stems with precision to prevent gaps that would otherwise require more filler. Your creations will still look big and lush enough to charge full price, but you won’t have to spend as much on the flowers. 

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