7 Ideas for Tabletop Gardens Using Terrariums

7 Ideas for Tabletop Gardens Using Terrariums

Whether you are looking to bring some of the beauty of nature into your home, or perhaps the weather is changing and the thought of a bare garden is somewhat dreary; tabletop terrarium gardens are the way to go. Creating a beautiful showpiece is as simple as creating your very own tabletop terrarium garden. If you don’t know where to start or if you are in need of some tabletop inspiration, we have some great tips and ideas to get your green thumbs to work.

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There is no limit to the different types of terrariums that you can create for your home. All you need is the right plants, soil and container to create a beautiful little garden that can be placed anywhere in your home. Don't limit yourself to featuring just succulents in your terrariums. There are many lovely flowers and plants that are able to grow indoors too.

Before you get started on your gardening adventure, we suggest you spend a little bit of time doing research on the types of plants suited for indoor terrariums and the care they need to thrive in your home. Once you have chosen the plants you would like for your tabletop garden, the rest is simple: Select a container, arrange your plants in healthy soil and you are ready to show off your masterpiece.

Selecting the container you want to use for your indoor terrarium is the best place to start. At 46 & Spruce, we have a beautiful selection of glass terrariums to suit every tabletop. When choosing a container, you need to consider the tabletop space that you have as well as how many plants you will be planting in your terrarium. The options are only limited to your imagination, here are some ideas to inspire you:  

1. No table top is too small for a cute little terrarium. If you have a small table screaming for some greenery, you can use something as simple as empty spice jars to show off a single plant in each. Depending on how big the table is, you can use as many jars as you want to create a cute little garden display. The great thing about indoor terrariums is that you can add to your décor by closing the jars with different colored lids.

2. If you need a little bit more of a challenge, there are awesome tutorials on creating a mini terrariums using a light bulb. This terrarium idea could be an interesting décor piece perfectly suited for an office, porch or sunroom.

3. If you are on a tight budget, you can still create a beautiful terrarium with simple items. Grab some glass vases, empty jam jars or even a few fancy drinking glasses. Planted in the correct soil with some pretty gravel and stones, your indoor plants can grow in any glass container. A margarita glass with a cactus or small succulent makes an excellent piece to show off at your next party.

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4. Themed terrariums are another great idea for those of you who are looking for something different. Try using fine white sand and some seashells with different succulents to create a serene beach terrarium. You can create this in any glass container, depending on how big your table is.

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5. Why not try a water garden terrarium instead of a planted one? It may sound complicated, but it may be the easier option for those who struggle to keep their indoor plants alive. You can use any style container, but round ones are usually the best choice for a water terrarium. If you are looking to create something whimsical, try using a glass teacup style container with pretty water lilies and white stones at the bottom.

6. You can create magical little terrarium worlds in an enclosed terrarium. By using a dome or cloche terrarium, you can create a fairytale-looking tabletop garden that has a real WOW effect. These are perfect for showing off your favorite plants on larger tables. Try clustering different sizes to create an interesting feature on big tables.

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7. Hanging terrariums are a great twist on the more traditional tabletop ones. You can add beautiful geometric styles to your space by hanging these above your existing terrariums or by hanging a few of them together above your table. This is perfect for people with very limited space and for corner tables. 

Adding beautiful terrarium gardens to your home isn’t terribly difficult and doesn’t take a whole lot of maintenance. Once you have mastered your very first tabletop terrarium, your home will soon be filled with them. These tabletop terrariums add drama to any space in your home and can be as simple or as elaborate as you want them to be.

Start creating your own original tabletop garden using any one of these terrariums:


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