Mother’s Day Gift Guide with a Green Touch

Mother’s Day Gift Guide with a Green Touch

Although you should spoil your mom more than just one day a year, Mother’s Day is like a worldwide declaration of how much your mom means to you. With hundreds of gift ideas out there, one can get overwhelmed or confused as to what the perfect gift may be for your mom. 46 & Spruce has the solution to your gift dilemma and will help find an unforgettable Mother’s Day gift.

We have a Mother’s Day gift for every type of mom, from the DIY mom, to the music lover or home decorator; we have a unique gift selection that is sure to impress even the pickiest of mothers. Treat your mom to a unique, green gift that will last for many years to come, unlike that box of chocolates you would usually buy.


The DIY Mom

DIY gifts are always a fabulous choice, but not everyone has the time to create all of the beautiful beautiful covet-worthy gifts found on Pinterest. We have a great spin on a DIY gift - let your mom do the creating.

This Floating Garden Orb makes a beautiful display in any home or patio. The set comes with everything you need to create a fancy little garden that is sure to impress guests, just let your mother add her favorite succulent or airplants. This orb creates a lovely show piece hanging in a patio. You can help your mother add to your floating garden by buying more of the orb kits and suggesting different plants for each orb.

If your mom is in need of some greenery inside her home, these orbs have a flat base which makes them a perfect home décor piece on a console table or mantel. They are small enough to add a few around the house, without making it feel cluttered. These orbs are the ultimate Mother’s Day gift and even come packaged in a giftable box.

If your mom has a green thumb, then this Seed Starter Kit is an excellent gift option. If your mom loves DIY projects, but doesn’t have a particularly green thumb, then this is still an excellent gift option. This seed starter kit makes growing your own plants easy and mess free. The kits can be kept indoors in a sunny spot, and doesn’t require soil for the seeds to grow as the special growing media in the kit does all of the work. The kit comes with everything your mom needs to get her own DIY sprouts going.


The Music Lover Mom

If your mom is known to break out all of her dance moves at every family function, or loves to sing and listen to music, then we have the perfect Mother’s Day gift for her! This tech-friendly gadget will have all of her friends asking where they can get one too. The sleek and transparent Plant Amp is both a planter and smart phone amplifier in one. Your mom can enjoy listening to her favorite jams all while enjoying the beautiful display of her favorite plants. This is a super modern and functional gift which can be enjoyed in your mom’s home daily.

Plant Amp


The Master Chef Mom

The next 2 items are perfect for the mom who loves to spend time in her kitchen whipping up tasty feasts for her family and friends. Every chef knows that a delicious, home cooked meal is not the same without fresh herbs. What’s better than buying herbs for every meal is having the satisfaction of growing your own herbs in your kitchen in one of our herb planters, as an added bonus they make a really pretty display too.

This Stacked Herb Garden and Organic Garden Jars are the perfect Mother’s Day gift to start her very own herb garden in her kitchen. These are both great for planting and growing any type of herbs, and will keep your mom’s décor on point with a wide range of colors to complement any kitchen décor.

Stacked Herb Garden


The Fresh Flower Lover Mom

If your mom loves the gift of fresh flowers, why not add a little something extra special for Mother’s Day. The Versailles and Antoinette vases are the perfect pick to deliver her favorite blooms in. They are both elegant with a vintage feel and practical to be used and enjoyed for many years. These are gorgeous show pieces that can be used anywhere in your mom’s home.



The Interior Decorator Mom

Does your mom fancy herself to be an interior decorator? If your mom loves changing up her home decor and adding to her style, then these vases are all winners for her Mother’s Day gift. Can’t decide which one to get for her? Buy them all and keep them for her birthday and Christmas too.

Glass Vase

The Da Vinci, Fleur-de-lis and Pebble Stone Vases are  sophisticated for any special occasion, and also versatile enough for everyday use.

We are sure your mom will love any of these Mother's Day gifts! Happy shopping!

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