Rose Gold Centerpieces For Summer

Rose Gold Centerpieces For Summer

Rose gold continues to persist as a hot trend in home décor, and what’s not to love about it? What could be prettier than a metallic gold with a shimmer of pink to brighten up your living spaces this summer? Whether you are looking to spruce up your patio or office, or perhaps your living room table - a rose gold vase is the way to go!

Vases and containers can be used for so much more than just flowers and plants. There are many beautiful ways to add a touch of modern elegance to your home décor with these gorgeous metallic containers. At 46 & Spruce, we love to inspire you to create your very own centerpieces for your home that reflect your unique personality and style. If you don’t know where to start, then we are here to help you with some chic home décor inspiration for summer.

Rose Gold Vase Collection 

Living Rooms

If you love flowers then a simple rose gold vase filled with complimentary colored flowers can add a beautiful touch of summer to any table in your living room. The Rose Gold Vibe Vase is a chic shape and is perfect for your summer blooms freshly picked from your garden. If you are looking to fill out your larger coffee table with some metallic shine, simply pairing some empty containers can create a beautiful effect as they reflect the summer sunshine. You can create a similar look by pairing up our Rose Gold Cylinders on your tables. 

Bedrooms & Bathrooms

If a simple rose gold vase next to your bed doesn’t appeal to you, why not try adding some blush shimmer to your dressing table by upgrading your makeup brush storage to a gorgeous Rose Gold Cylinder Vase? These vases are also great for holding your favorite candles to add a romantic summer glow to your bedroom. These are also perfect for creating summertime terrariums. If you are looking at creating a dramatic feature, why not use a beautiful Rose Gold Footed Bowl to hold your chunky necklaces and bracelets and also serve as a display piece. The footed bowl is also a lovely addition to guest bathrooms paired with small floral arrangements or succulents to create a terrarium and add some summer color for your guests.

Footed Rose Gold Vase 

Outdoor Spaces

By adding a rose gold vase or container to your outdoor space, you reflect the beauty of that gorgeous summer glow. A simple Trumpet Vase filled with fresh flowers from your garden or florist is a fail safe way to brighten up your patio. A clear vase filled with fairy lights is a simple way to add a summer glow to your outdoor spaces at night. If you are feeling particularly creative why not try your own DIY project and wrap fairy lights around rustic branches placed in your Trumpet Vase. This makes a stunning centerpiece for nighttime entertaining.

These decor pieces can add a modern summer shine to any space in your home and can easily be paired with a variety of flower arrangements. There are so many beautiful ideas and options, you just need to find your inspiration and run with it. Take a peek at our rose gold items here:

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