An arrangement of wild flowers in a recycled glass vase

Three Ways to Adopt Sustainable Floristry

Everyone has a part to play in protecting the environment, including florists! Many are adopting sustainable floristry practices by switching to more sustainable floral designs and eco-friendly florist supplies. After all, without a healthy environment, no one will have flowers for beautiful arrangements! If you’re curious about sustainable floristry, here are three simple changes any florist can make to join the movement. 

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint with Locally-Sourced Flowers

A recycled glass vase holding wild flowers
Locally sourced flowers look just as beautiful as shipped flowers and are better for the environment.

Do you know where your flowers come from? Flower vendors source blooms from all over the world. It takes a lot of fuel to ship flowers internationally or across the country. Those fuels create emissions that damage the environment and create air pollution. 

Environmentalists refer to the amount of emissions produced in a process as a carbon footprint. The carbon footprint of every flower arrangement you create includes the fuel emissions of transporting flowers and supplies. The farther your flowers travel, the bigger your carbon footprint and negative environmental impact. 

You can play a part in reducing toxic emissions and your carbon footprint by buying locally-grown flowers. These flowers don’t travel far to get to you. Shorter distances translate into less fuel and fewer emissions in the air. We all breathe easier when we burn less fuel, and it helps your area’s economy to buy locally, too! You might need to change your offerings if local farmers don’t sell the flower varieties you used to rely on. However, eco-conscious customers will appreciate your dedication to sustainable floral design. 

Save the Environment with Eco-Friendly Vases

White and pink flowers in a white ceramic vase

Not sure if your vases are eco-friendly? Try sustainable and stylish ceramic vases.

As a florist, you know the vessel you use to hold a centerpiece or bouquet matters as much as the flowers. It also matters to the environment. You can use eco-friendly vases for more sustainable floristry. Eco-friendly vases are made of sustainable or recycled materials. 

Recycled vase materials include recycled glass or “upcycled” containers that would have been thrown away otherwise. Sustainable vase materials include ceramic, stone, clay, bamboo, and wood. These materials are made from non-toxic, naturally occurring materials. They are also renewable because we have an abundant supply of them. Using vases made from eco-friendly materials reduces your environmental impact as a florist. 

Avoid Unnecessary Waste with Reusable Tools

A Holly Chapple Pillow and Egg mechanics next to some pink flowers

Reusable florist tools like a Holly Chapple Pillow and Egg reduce trash and expenses!

Florists use more than just vases. Eco-friendly florist supplies will help you be more green. Eco-friendly florist supplies include things you can reuse to help reduce waste. So, instead of using disposable florist foam, try reusable florist mechanics that you can use repeatedly. Or, rather than making a flower grid with tape, use a reusable plastic grid that won’t go straight to a landfill. Plus, you save money when you can use things more than once!

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