A square wedding arch covered in flowers and greenery outside a building

Trendy Wedding Arch Ideas

Floral wedding arches are the perfect addition to wedding ceremony decor. They provide a lovely frame around the happy couple as they say their vows while the photographer snaps beautiful photos. Floral arches are especially appropriate for weddings. They’re easy to decorate with the couple’s favorite colors and flowers to match the rest of the wedding venue and decor. Take these trendy but easy wedding arch ideas and get creative to build one-of-a-kind wedding arches. 

Use a Non-traditional Arch Shape

A hexagon wedding arch covered in greenery

Wedding arches come in many contemporary shapes to add a special touch to wedding decor.

Every couple wants their wedding to be memorable. Using something a little out of the ordinary for a wedding arch can help. Suggest an unexpected arch shape like a hexagon, full circle, or triangle to add a wow factor to the wedding ceremony setup. Decorate with the same flowers used throughout the venue, or stick to a simple monochromatic palette to highlight the arch’s unique shape. 

Asymmetrical Wedding Arches Add Whimsy and Charm

An asymmetrical floral wedding arch in front of a fireplace

Putting more flowers and foliage on one side of a wedding arch creates dramatic visual appeal.

Most wedding arches are symmetrical for structural stability, but that doesn’t mean you have to decorate them symmetrically. An asymmetrical look adds charm and sophistication. Put more flower sprays with varied colors and textures on one side. This gives the final product more visual weight and movement. You can cover the whole arch with simple greenery to hide the arch framework or leave some of the frame bare, depending on the couple’s tastes and other wedding decor

Achieve a Minimalist Look with Sparse Florals

A minimally decorated triangle wedding arch in an industrial venue

A minimally decorated metal arch suits contemporary wedding decor.

If a couple prefers a minimalist approach, a bare wedding arch with just an accent of flowers is easy to achieve. A wood arch frame goes well with rustic or traditional wedding decor. For something more contemporary or industrial, use a metal frame. Decorate it with one eye-catching swag of flowers and greenery on one side. For the most visual impact, use a fun arch shape, like a triangle.  

Mix Flowers and Non-floral Elements for a One-of-a-kind Look

A square wedding arch decorated with fabric, flowers, and lights

Lights and fabrics coordinate well with flowers on floral wedding arches.

You don’t have to stick to just flowers for floral wedding arches. Add non-organic elements to create something truly unique. Ribbons and swags of tulle or other flowing fabric look very traditional for weddings. Strands of beads add some sparkle. Brighten things up with strings of lights, fairy lights, or battery-operated lanterns for an evening wedding. Or, personalize the arch with things that are meaningful to the happy couple. 

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