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Vase Ideas for Fall

Fall is quickly approaching, and we couldn’t be more excited for crunchy leaves, the chill in the air, football games, pumpkin spice everything and, of course, fall décor! Autumn is one of our favorite seasons to decorate for because of its warm hues and cozy vibes—and because Mother Nature provides tons of inspiration.

fall vases in kitchen

One of the easiest ways to add a dash of fall to your home décor is to create a fall-inspired vase to display on your dining table, coffee table, bench, sofa table or dresser. To get your creativity flowing, here’s how to build a stunning vase display using our favorite vase ideas for fall.

  1. Pick a fall vase filler

Vase filler is what will fill the body of your vase. You may decide to let your vase filler stand alone, or you may decide to use your fall vase filler to hold an accent (more on that below). Either way, there’s no shortage of options when it comes to fall vase filler. Here are some of our favorite vase ideas:

  • Popcorn kernels
  • Nuts, like acorns and walnuts
  • Faux fall leaves
  • Real fall leaves, spray painted gold or another color
  • Grapevine garland, coiled in vase
  • Small gourds, real or faux
  • Excelsior moss
  • Strands of ribbon in fall hues
  • Dried legumes, seeds or grains, like lentils, pinto beans, split peas and wild rice
  • Pine cones, natural or spray painted
  • Seasonal fruit, like apples, pears, pomegranates or cranberries
  • Candy corn
  • Wine corks
  • Water, if you want to use fresh flowers

fall vase decor

Keep in mind that you can decide to use more than one vase filler. For example, you may decide to coil grapevine in the bottom of your vase and then add a layer of nuts and then a layer of leaves on top.

  1. Pick a fall vase accent, if desired

Once you select your vase filler, it’s then time to decide if you want to add an accent. Some accents will add height to your arrangement, while others simply elevate your fall vase with another layer of dimension. Here are our favorite fall accent vase ideas:

  • Branches, great for height
  • Wheat, also great for height
  • Flowers, silk, dried or fresh
  • Gourds, set on top of a popcorn, nut or grain filler
  • Pillar or tealight candles, set on top of a popcorn, nut or grain filler
  • Ribbon, tied around outside of vase
  1. Pick a vase

Now that you’ve selected your fall vase filler and your fall vase accent, it’s time to pick out a vase that will complement your selections. If you selected a vase filler that you want to stand out, be sure to choose a vase with smooth, clear glass that you can see through. The size and shape of your vase should work with your filler and accent, and also with where you plan to display it. For example, if you plan to display your vase on your dining table, you will probably want to select a vase that’s short so its height won’t disrupt your view across the table while eating.

three fall vases in kitchen

 We hope you enjoyed these autumn vase ideas! Get ready for fall with our collection of vases. Shop here: https://www.46spruce.com/collections/vases

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