Ways to Brighten up Your Porch with Flower Pots

Ways to Brighten up Your Porch with Flower Pots

Your outside porch isn’t just an entrance to your house, it is the first glimpse into the style that waits within your home. In a sense, it shows off your personality and family’s style. Skip that boring, basic entrance and spruce up your porch with some greenery and pops of color in flower pots. All of the tips in this article can also be applied to your backyard patio as well.

Decorating your porch with flower pots can both be fun and rewarding. There are endless possibilities of what can be done on your porch. It can also be a fun idea to change your decor according to the season or holiday.

In spring, you can fill your porch with beautiful blossoming flowers in colorful flower pots, heading into fall, your colors may change to shades of orange, red and brown.

A great idea is to incorporate non-flowering objects that can be used season after season. Great wreaths for your front door, lights and pots and vases are wonderful ways to add some interest to your porch and can be used for any time of the year.

Using interesting flower pots on your porch can add to your doorstep decor in a variety of different ways. 46 & Spruce has a wonderful range of outdoor flowering pots that are great for walk up porch and stair displays.  Choosing neutral colors will allow the color of your flowers to be the feature.

The Urban Wave Bowl and Urban Wave Planter are great flower pot options for small flowers that can be placed on a table or porch ledge. The Urban Wave Planter is also a the perfect pot for adding other décor and filler such as mini pumpkins and apples for fall, or colorful Christmas bulbs in winter.

Urban wave bowl and pot

If you are looking for some bulky pots to fill out your porch, you can get some really big ones with beautiful trees to frame your doorframe, just add one on each side for symmetry. You can also create beautiful clusters of different sized pots with different flowers and trees and add them to a spacious corner on your porch.

This will really give your porch a garden like feel and will serve as a gorgeous invitation for guests arriving at your home.  The Tapered and Weathered Brown flower pots are excellent options for adding sturdy pots to your porch, and are weatherproof as well.

There are some beautiful flower pots available that add to the decor on your porch, but are still subtle enough to not take the focus off of the gorgeous fresh flowers you choose to plant in them.

The Modern Cork Planter and Vintage Drawer Planter are both on trend options to spruce up your outdoor patio. Planters such as these add a lovely statement to your porch and can be used for more than just flowers. Add a lovely large candle with pebbles, or plant something different such as herbs to add to your greenery. These pots look lovely as feature pots on your table or ledge. You can also add these to your large pot display for an interesting twist.

Lighting up your porch should be more than just a security feature. If you love to spend time on your favorite bench overlooking your neighborhood, adding a beautiful, soft glow can make your space cozy and intimate.

Candles placed in pretty flower pots with pebbles or lanterns, fairy lights bunched into flower pots or around large planters and string lights hanging across your porch are all fantastic ways to add that special glow to your home.

Stone Flower planters

The most important thing to remember when decorating your porch is to have fun with it. Your porch shows off your personal style, whether you choose to have a formal-looking porch or a festive looking one, it should reflect what you love and what inspires you.  

Don’t be afraid to experiment and play around with different style pots and plants, it creates interest. Use flowers to add the colors you love to your home, bearing in mind seasonality of the plants. With a few flower pots, your outdoor space will be brightened in no time.

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