Why You Should Buy Wholesale Wedding Flower Centerpieces

Why You Should Buy Wholesale Wedding Flower Centerpieces

Why You Should Buy Wholesale Wedding Flower Centerpieces

Floral centerpieces are a mainstay of traditional wedding decor. The best wedding centerpieces dress up dinner tables and get guests talking. However, finding enough supplies to make dozens of matching floral centerpieces for a sophisticated, cohesive look can be challenging. 

The secret to gorgeous and budget-friendly wedding centerpieces is to buy your supplies by the case. Bulk pricing through a wholesaler can help manage your costs, so you’ll always get what you need without breaking the bank.

Buy Wedding Flower Vases Wholesale To Always Get What You Need 

Pink flowers in a white vase on a set table

Have you ever gone to the store only to find they ran out of the item you need, or they only have one when you need several of the same items? You either leave empty-handed or must search other stores for what you need. That’s the last thing you need when making dozens of wedding centerpieces. 

You’re much less likely to have that problem when you buy wholesale. Wholesalers sell in bulk. They carry large quantities of items and are happy to fulfill orders that require a large number of the same item. You can buy dozens of identical flower vases, installation pieces, or whatever you need to create enough centerpieces for a large wedding. You can also put in periodic bulk orders of the supplies you use most so you never run out when creating wedding centerpieces for weddings of all sizes. Wholesale wedding flower centerpieces are the perfect way to decorate lots of tables and avoid using mismatched decor.

Make Wholesale Wedding Flower Centerpieces To Keep Costs Down

Red and white flowers in a glass vase on a set table

Buying wholesale also helps keep costs reasonable. Anyone working in the wedding and similar industries knows how expensive wedding supplies are. When you need lots of centerpiece supplies, the price adds up quickly. 

While regular retailers charge the same price per unit no matter how many you buy, wholesalers offer discounts on large orders. In many cases, the more items you buy, the more the unit price goes down. If you regularly make centerpieces for large weddings or just like to keep supplies on hand, that can make a big difference to your bottom line! 

And don’t feel that the lower price means lower quality. Wholesale suppliers sell products of equally high quality as other retailers. No one will know the difference when you buy wedding flower vases wholesale. Your wedding centerpieces will look just as stunning for a fraction of the price.

Find Everything You Need For Affordable Wedding Centerpieces At 46 & Spruce

46 & Spruce is your one-stop shop for wholesale wedding flower centerpieces. We offer a wide range of vases and floral arrangement supplies for creating one-of-a-kind displays. When you sign up for a Professional account, you get access, plus bulk ordering and discount prices! Questions or concerns? Contact us anytime, and our customer service experts will take care of you. 

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