10 Amazing Instagram Accounts for Terrarium Lovers

10 Amazing Instagram Accounts for Terrarium Lovers

Here at 46 & Spruce, we’re constantly inspired by all the talented folks on Instagram who share their amazing terrarium creations. From snaps of the perfect arrangement of plants to shots of terrariums elegantly styled in a home, we can’t stop double-tapping these ‘grams. If you’re in need of some terrarium inspiration, today we’re shining the spotlight on some seriously inspiring Instagram profiles to follow.

  1. @houseplantjournal


Darryl Cheng is the ‘grammer behind @houseplantjournal. On his Instagram and blog, Darryl shares plant care information to help his followers keep thriving plants in their homes. Follow him for terrarium ideas and a greener thumb!

house plant journal instagram photo


  1. @marimo_terrarium


Even if you can’t make it to one of @marimo_terrarium’s workshops in Toronto, you can still glean a bevy of terrarium inspiration from her dreamy Instagram profile. With terrariums featuring succulents, colorful pebbles, gemstones, driftwood and air plants, get ready to “heart” all of her posts.

  1. @nicheboston


The Instagram profile of @nicheboston, an urban garden shop in Boston, will have you dreaming of filling every inch of your home with lush, green plants. Scroll through @nicheboston’s profile for no shortage of terrarium goodness.

niche boston terrarium instagram

  1. @the_flower_pots


Give @the_flower_pots a follow for plenty of amazing photos of succulents, cacti, flowers and terrariums. This inspiring account will help spark your creativity with plenty of ways to add more greenery to your home.

  1. @urbanjungleblog


@urbanjungleblog, a community for sharing green inspiration, plant styling ideas and handy plant information, is perfect if you’re wanting to bring more green into your home. You won’t be able to get enough of the leafy terrarium inspiration from this account.

urban jungle terrarium instagram

  1. @haarkon_


English photographers Mangus and India are behind the camera for the Instagram account, @haarkon_. Although they produce bespoke photography for a variety of uses, they have a soft spot for plants and love shooting greenery in urban spaces.

  1. @terariumdreams


The account @terrariumdreams showcases the best terrarium photos on Instagram. Scroll through this profile for many terrarium styles, including pristine miniature landscapes, fairy gardens, bonsai and succulents. Once you create your own hanging terrarium, you could even it submit it for a chance to be featured!

  1. @flowersbyaliceadelaide


Follow @flowersbyaliceadelaide not only for dreamy terrarium photos, but also for amazing floral arrangements and wedding flowers. This florist from Down Under is a must-follow for brides-to-be who are looking to fill their wedding with glamorous, luxe and unique flowers and greenery.

flowers by alice terrarium

  1. @codychilli


Kat is the Plant Lady behind the Instagram profile, @codychilli. Her love for everything nature-related is obvious when you take a peek at her dreamy grid. Follow @codychilli for tons of colorful and funky succulents, plus terrarium ideas.

  1. @neusa_siqueira


You don’t need to speak Portuguese to appreciate the beauty of @neusa_siqueira’s Instagram profile. From rose arrangements poised on tabletops to hanging terrariums and an abundance of houseplants filling every sunny nook, we guarantee you’ll be “hearting” plenty of photos from this profile.

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