Collection: Hanging Terrariums

Get your garden off the ground and bring it inside with one of our popular hanging terrariums. All of our hanging terrariums are beautifully shaped vessels that will create a striking and unforgettable impact in any room. Offered in larger quantities, these wholesale hanging terrariums offer a great design solution for event planners, wedding planners, and more!

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Hanging glass terrariums can be both appealing and eco-friendly. They provide a modern and contemporary place to display air plants, succulents, or trailing vines. You will find that they are simple and space-saving vessels for indoor plantings.

Catch the light with any of our modern glass or geometric hanging terrariums. They will look lovely suspended in an entryway, guest bedroom or any room that is well-lit. Bring any home, event space, or indoor space to life with these gorgeous hanging terrariums by suspending them in singles, multiples, or chandelier style.

Wholesale hanging terrariums not only create a graceful, airy simple vessel for displaying greens around the house, they are a great accessory for hanging on trees, porches, and other areas outside your home to add a creative touch.

Hanging terrariums can also be the perfect suspended accent at your next party or event. Use them as tea light holders to create enchanting lighting or in your next floral centerpiece. Fill a Teardrop Geometric Hanging Terrarium with with plants, flowers, candles, or other decorative objects for a stunning display that will definitely impress your guests.

Whether you are looking for a terrarium for indoor greenery or as an accent piece at your next event, we are sure to have the perfect hanging terrarium for your needs.