2018 Wedding Trends:  Geometric Terrarium

2018 Wedding Trends: Geometric Terrarium

A geometric terrarium is the perfect way to elevate your wedding decor. It’s glass and metal construction provides a beautiful balance of both modern charm and classic elegance. For a truly inspiring 2018 wedding centerpiece, consider the many ways a geometric terrarium can transform your venue. Whether your theme is vintage eclectic, boho chic, classically traditional, or elegantly modern, a geometric terrarium lets you showcase your personal wedding style.

A geometric terrarium is a versatile and beautiful foundation on which to create your perfect wedding world.

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Here are just a few ways that you can make your own wedding wonderland using the angular elegance of the geometric terrarium:

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Glam up your tables with different shapes and sizes of geometric terrariums. Fill with succulents, lights, flowers and fun accessories to put your personal touch at each table.
Style them differently for an eclectic vibe or make them all the same for a more classic look.

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Hanging Decor

Hang these gorgeous glass vessels to perk up your gift table, brighten your buffet, or accentuate your outdoor altar. Consider clustering your hanging terrariums to make a statement and better frame your wedding festivities.

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Accent Decor

Spruce up any wedding space with gorgeous geometric terrariums. From the cake table to the powder room sink, you can glam up any spot with a beautifully bedecked glass vessel that features your wedding style and creativity.

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Light the way to your new life as newlyweds by putting candles or fairy lights in a geometric terrarium. Set the ambiance for your evening wedding and create a glowing reception for your guests.

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Table Numbers

Get crafty and number your tables using a geometric terrarium! Paint directly onto the glass, feature a number inside, or display it dramatically coming out from the succulents inside.

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Wedding Favors

Give your guests a gift that grows. Decorate your tables with planted geometric terrariums and then give away to your guests as wedding favors that are sure to keep growing, just like your love!

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