3 Ideal Spots for a Hanging Terrarium

3 Ideal Spots for a Hanging Terrarium

Are you looking for a high-style, low-maintenance way to elevate your home décor? Consider a hanging terrarium! Suspending a terrarium—or a cluster of these clear glass spheres—can add an unexpected and modern focal point to any room. Are you wanting to get in on this home décor trend, but aren’t sure where to start? Here are three ideal spots for a hanging terrarium.

where to hang your terrarium

  1. In your sunroom

What better room to install a hanging garden than the sunniest spot of the house? With bright, airy light, a sunroom is a natural spot to suspend a hanging terrarium or two (or more!). Hang a grouping of terrariums in front of your sunroom windows at varying heights. Or, hang a grouping of terrariums in the center of the room in a chandelier formation.

sunroom hanging terrarium

For a natural and modern look, you could also suspend your hanging terrariums from an artistic branch that’s hanging on the wall. Add sun-loving air plants or succulents to your sunroom hanging terrarium installation. For more details on how to plant your sunroom terrariums, check out our article, How to Make a Hanging Terrarium.

  1. In your kitchen

No matter your kitchen style—traditional, modern, chic or farmhouse—a hanging terrarium installation will elevate your kitchen’s décor in a modern way. Suspend a line of hanging terrariums in front of your kitchen sink window, or hang a chandelier formation from a hoop above your kitchen table.

kitchen hanging terrarium

A single suspended terrarium in a corner will also make a simple-yet-elegant statement. One idea that’s great for the kitchen is placing air plants, which don’t need soil, on coffee beans in your hanging terrariums. This would look perfect hung near a coffee station or in a breakfast nook.

Another great kitchen idea is to consider creating a hanging herb garden. Our Capsule Hanging Terrarium would be perfect for your hanging kitchen herb garden. Simply plant your favorite herbs—such as oregano, parsley, cilantro, thyme, basil and sage—so they’re cascading from the terrarium opening. As you’re cooking, simply snip your fresh herbs and use them in your culinary creations.

  1. In your office

If your office space is in need of some freshening up, our Teardrop Geometric Hanging Terrarium is an elegant and modern way to bring a little bit of the outdoors in. If your office receives natural light, hang your terrarium in front of the window, above your computer or next to a bookcase and plant a succulent or air plant in it. If your office or cubicle doesn’t have any windows, simply place a faux air plant, succulent or silk flower in it for a zen and natural vibe in your work space.

office hanging terrarium

You could even add a strand of dainty fairy lights for a little extra illumination. If permanently drilling holes into your office ceiling or walls isn’t an option, you can always hang your terrarium from a hook on the wall or ceiling that’s secured with picture hanging strips.

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