4 Geometric Terrarium Styles We Love

4 Geometric Terrarium Styles We Love

If your home style is sleek, modern and on-trend, then a geometric terrarium is a perfect accent to add to your space. With countless ways to display them and style them in any room, they’re a décor staple you can update with the seasons (or as your décor evolves over time).

Ready to find the perfect geometric terrarium for your space? Here are four geometric terrariums we’re currently loving, plus styling ideas to help you incorporate these modern vessels into your home.


Dodecahedron Geometric Hanging Terrarium

Geometric Terrarium: Dodecahedron geometric hanging terrarium

With its 12-faced design, this geometric terrarium is perfect for making a contemporary and intellectual statement in your office or study. If you want to flex your green thumb, this is a perfect vessel for planting succulents. Plants are known to help improve concentration and memory, so your geometric terrarium plantings may actually help as you work or study! Another option is to use your geometric terrarium to hold a collection of polished stones and a simple white votive candle. Suspend it from the ceiling of your study, or place it on your desktop or within your bookcase styling, for a modern accent in your workspace.


Teardrop Geometric Hanging Terrarium

Geometric Terrarium: Teardrop geometric hanging terrarium

Featuring a dramatic-yet-romantic teardrop shape, this geometric terrarium is an ideal piece for a bedroom. Hang it in front of a bright window to capture and reflect glimmering sunlight, or place it on your nightstand for a refined touch. If hung in a bedroom window, consider housing a low-maintenance, low-mess tillandsia air plant in it. If set on your bedside nightstand, place a scoop of sleep-aiding dried lavender buds in this geometric terrarium. The scent of the lavender will help you doze off peacefully every night.


Cube Geometric Hanging Terrarium

Geometric Terrarium: Cube geometric hanging terrarium

Simple lines make our cube geometric terrarium perfect for your kitchen. If you’re an aspiring home chef, grab a few of these vessels and use them to grow your favorite herbs, like thyme, cilantro and oregano; simply hang them in front of your kitchen window and snip off your herbs as you cook. Another great way to utilize this geometric terrarium in your kitchen is to use it for your dining table centerpiece. Simply nestle some faux eucalyptus leaves and silk flowers in the vessel and center on the table on top of a runner.


Pyramid Geometric Hanging Terrarium

Geometric Terrarium: Pyramid geometric hanging terrarium

With a classic pyramid shape, this geometric terrarium is an ideal choice for decorating your outdoor space. Whether your front porch is in need of a facelift, or your patio could use some contemporary décor, the options are endless when using this glass vessel in an alfresco space. One idea is to hang the pyramid geometric hanging terrarium from a trellis or pergola beam and plant dainty microgreens in it. If you prefer a non-plant idea, consider adding a bed of sand to the pyramid and using it to hold citronella tealight candles on your outdoor table; this makes it décor and pest control in one!

Ready to start decorating your home with modern geometric terrariums? Check them all out our geometric terrarium selection!

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