Collection: Geometric Terrariums

Looking for a trendy décor piece for a wedding, event space, or sunroom? Look no further than our collection of geometric terrariums. From teardrop shapes to the classic cube, 46 & Spruce offers a wide array of sizes and shapes for any space. Take your style to a whole new level with these super fun terrariums. Available in larger quantities, these wholesale geometric terrariums offer a great design solution for event planners, wedding planners and more!

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Hanging terrariums can have a massive design impact on any space. A small cluster of these suspended decorations can transform any room. Take an office from a place of work to a place of inspiration or convert a sterile sunroom to a lush locale with terrariums. For a modern look, try hanging the Teardrop Geometric Hanging Terrarium filled with succulents. Looking for a shelf home décor accent item? Place the Dodecahedron Geometric Terrarium filled with rocks, candles, or mini blooms on a side table to add a little pizzazz to the space.

Wholesale geometric terrariums also function as the perfect wedding or event décor item. Guests will be delighted to see these terrariums as event centerpieces. Truly make a statement at your next event with a geometric terrarium.

These items are not only decorative, they are also an incredibly strong and sturdy vessel to grow succulents! Look no further than 46 & Spruce for geometric terrarium inspiration and home décor.