Collection: DIY Terrariums

Crafting your own terrarium is a fun way to bring a little joy into your home. Whether your terrarium will sit on a windowsill or will be a gift for friends and family, creating it yourself is a great way to add a custom touch. DIY terrariums are not only a fun activity, but are also a trendy décor item that brings life to any space. Perfect for garden centers, floral shops and more, our wholesale DIY terrariums are a great activity for kids. 

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To complete a terrarium, you will need a few staple DIY terrarium supplies. Items like the Terrarium Tool Kit, 1 Qt. Green Moss Bag, and Hydro Stones help build a flawless creation with just a few simple steps! Begin by layering soil, pebbles, and moss in a terrarium container, plant succulents, and water. Voila! Your DIY terrarium is complete.

Choosing the right container is an important first step in creating a DIY terrarium. Not sure which terrarium container is right for you? Start with our DIY Terrarium Kit that features a glass vessel and lid. The kit also includes hydro stones, soil, and moss to plant succulents or little plants. This kit will get you on the right track when building your very own DIY terrarium.

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