Collection: Succulent Care

Succulent care is not quite as simple as watering your plants on a regular basis. While succulents aren’t incredibly high maintenance, they still require adequate attention to fully thrive. This includes having the right materials to properly care for succulents like a Terrarium Tool Kit or Hydro Stones. These items are a vital part of properly planting and caring for little plants. Offering succulent care supplies in larger quantities, these wholesale succulent care supplies are great for florists, floral shops and more.

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When planting succulents for the first time, proper drainage is imperative. Layering moss, pebbles, and soil allows the correct amount of water to reach the plant’s roots. 46 & Spruce offers compact packages of each of these items including: 1 Qt. Green Moss Bag<, 1 Qt. Hydro Stone Bag, and 1 Qt. Soil Mix Bag. Layering these products will set you up for success when it comes to succulent care.