Collection: Succulent Care

Succulent care is not quite as simple as watering your plants on a regular basis. While succulents aren’t incredibly high maintenance, they still require adequate attention to fully thrive. This includes having the right materials to properly care for succulents like a Terrarium Tool Kit or Hydro Stones. These items are a vital part of properly planting and caring for little plants. Offering succulent care supplies in larger quantities, these wholesale succulent care supplies are great for florists, floral shops and more.

When planting succulents for the first time, proper drainage is imperative. Layering moss, pebbles, and soil allows the correct amount of water to reach the plant’s roots. 46 & Spruce offers compact packages of each of these items including: 1 Qt. Green Moss Bag<, 1 Qt. Hydro Stone Bag, and 1 Qt. Soil Mix Bag. Layering these products will set you up for success when it comes to succulent care.

Whether succulents are nestled in a terrarium or planter, the container must be roomy enough for the plant to grow.

46 & Spruce offers a variety of terrariums, planters, and hanging terrariums for all stages of succulent care and growth. Try planting your succulent in a Pyramid Geometric Hanging Terrarium at first, and then when it begins to grow rapidly, replant it in a planter like the Urban Earth Round Rectangle Planter. The biggest key to success with succulent care is to ensure the container hosting your succulents is large enough to grow without being stifled.

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