5 Indoor Grow Kits for Beginner Gardeners

5 Indoor Grow Kits for Beginner Gardeners

Are you wanting to bring more green into your life, but aren’t sure how to get started? Indoor grow kits enable beginner gardeners like you to easily start growing miniature gardens in your home. Even if you think you have a less-than-green thumb, indoor grow kits make it easy to get started, containing everything you need for your garden and providing instructions to help you along the way.  If you’re ready to start growing, here are five indoor grow kits for beginners.

          1. Seed Starter Kit

    Our Seed Starter Kit is perfect if you want to start growing your own vegetable or herb garden. This kit enables you to get a jumpstart on the growing season by allowing you to start your chosen seeds indoors. Just add your seeds and water to the cells and place this indoor grow kit in a sunny and warm spot in your home. Allow the mess-free media, which is super-charged with nutrients, to do the work. All you have to do is water your seedlings and then transplant them into pots or outdoors when ready.

    seed starter kit

            2. DIY Flower Bulb Indoor Grow Kit

    With this DIY indoor grow kit, you can easily grow beautiful flowers in your home—even during the dead of winter! You can easily put this kit together yourself as all you need is water; a vase, like our Tall Modern Cylinder or Footed Bowl; and stones. You’ll also need flower bulbs, such as paperwhites, amaryllis, daffodils or tulips. This method of indoor gardening is called “forcing bulbs,” and it simply involves spreading stones over the bottom of a container, adding water and placing the bulbs in the water so they are held in place, but not covered. Keep them in a sunny spot and watch them grow!

          3. Floating Orb Garden Kit

    If you’re interested in indoor grow kits that lend a decorative touch to your home, then look no further than our Floating Orb Garden Kit. This kit contains everything you need to get started with terrarium gardening, including a stylish glass orb, hydrostones, soil and moss. The glass vessel can be hung using the included twine, or its flat bottom enables it to also be place on a table. All you have to do is pick out the succulents or miniature terrarium plants of your liking and follow the charming, hand-illustrated instructions.

    floating orb garden kit terrarium

          4. DIY air plant indoor grow kit

    Here’s another DIY indoor grow kit option! If you love the chic and modern look of air plants, you can easily create your own kit to start growing them in your home. All you need is a hanging terrarium; a base, such as sand, stones, pebbles or moss; and your choice air plants. For tips and tricks on growing air plants, check out our article, The Five Things You Need to Know About Air Plants.

          5. Artisan Terrarium

    If you’re ready to experience all the benefits of growing fresh herbs at home, then check out our Artisan Terrarium, which features a classic design to use non-GMO seeds; growing medium that’s made from recycled material; and a vintage-inspired terrarium that’s easy to water so you don’t have to worry about over- or underwatering. When you grow your own herbs with help from indoor grow kits, you’ll not only get to enjoy the fresh and bright flavor of homegrown herbs, but you’ll also enjoy more nutrients and less waste than if you purchase store-packaged herbs.

    garden jars

    Get started with 46 & Spruce’s indoor grow kits for beginners: https://www.46spruce.com/collections/indoor-grow-kits

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