Collection: Indoor Grow Kits

For the sprouting gardener and growing gurus alike, our indoor grow kits collection offers a variety of items to start growing mini gardens in your home. Whether you are all about trendy herb gardens or are focused on flowering potted plants, our selection of grow kit essentials will surely have what you need.

Explore all of your grow kit options! Start your very own herb garden with our Stacked Herb Garden planter, perfect for small indoor spaces that need a little modern décor accent.

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Typically have a little trouble keeping your plants alive and well? Try the Never Dry Jardiniere, designed to self-water your plants, never allowing the soil to become too dry.  What can be better than that? DIY gardeners absolutely love our indoor grow kits, ideal for beginner gardeners looking to expand their gardening skills in a crafty way.

Take your indoor space to another level with our indoor grow kits. These kits are low-maintenance and easy to maintain in the comfort of your home. Not only are they stylish, they are an easy way to begin growing your favorite indoor plants. While beautifully crafted vessels are a wonderful addition to your home, there is a certain sense of satisfaction from growing your indoor plants from seeds to sprouts to flowering blooms.

Browse our indoor grow kits today and start exploring all of the indoor planting possibilities with 46 & Spruce.