DIY terrarium makes a great gift

5 Reasons the DIY Terrarium Kit Makes a Great Gift

Thinking of the perfect gift for a hard-to-shop-for friend or relative can be daunting. When you want to choose something that’s meaningful and thoughtful—but also useful and practical—it can feel impossible to land on the perfect gift.

Luckily, we have a gift idea that any recipient will appreciate—a DIY terrarium kit! Everyone can use a little more nature in their space, and a DIY terrarium kit makes it easy to create a thriving, low-maintenance terrarium. Here are five reasons this makes a perfect gift:

1. It’s easy for you

    Making a terrarium involves a lot of components, requiring you to go to several stores to get all the tools and materials needed. However, our DIY Terrarium Kit makes it easy, because it features everything your gift recipient will need to make their terrarium, including a glass vessel with lid, Hydro Stones, soil and moss. Plus, it all comes packaged up in a nice box, ready to wrap and give!

    diy terrarium supplies for gifts

    2. It’s easy for them

      Your gift recipient doesn’t need to be a master gardener or horticulturist to create a thriving terrarium. The DIY terrarium kit comes with charming, hand-illustrated instructions, which share exactly how to create a terrarium. Plus, terrarium maintenance will be a breeze for your gift recipient if you share our How to Take Care of Your Terrarium article with them.

      3. It’s an experience

        Gifting a material item is always nice, but sometimes giving an experience is appreciated even more. A DIY terrarium kit combines the best of both worlds because it’s something your recipient can unwrap and they get the experience of putting the terrarium together.

        Going to pick out the plants is also part of the experience. You could even take your gift recipient to the greenhouse yourself so you can choose the perfect plants for their terrarium together. (Need help deciding what plants to get for your recipient’s terrarium? Check out this article for plant recommendations based on whether they’ll keep the terrarium open or closed.)

        DIY terrarium supplies

        4. It’s perfect for any person, any holiday

          Whether you’re shopping for your mom, brother, neighbor, teacher, best friend or boss—for a birthday, wedding, housewarming, promotion or holiday—a terrarium kit makes the perfect gift because anyone and everyone can benefit from having more nature in their home or office. That’s because indoor plants don’t just look nice—they also help remove indoor pollutants and decrease our stress. A child will even love receiving this gift and getting in on the fun of terrarium making—with a little help from an adult, of course.

          5. It’s unique

            There are always those go-to gifts that everyone expects: a bottle of wine, a bouquet of flowers, a piece of jewelry or a box of chocolates. While these gifts are always appreciated, a terrarium kit is unique, unexpected and a gift that will always stick out in your recipient’s mind.

            Make a terrarium for a gift

            What are you waiting for? Snag a DIY Terrarium Kit here:

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