Geometric Terrariums: The Universal Party Decoration

Geometric Terrariums: The Universal Party Decoration

With infinite Pinterest inspiration available at your fingertips, planning party décor has never been more overwhelming. Luckily, we’re here today to simplify things a bit for you with geometric terrariums.

You see, geometric terrariums are a workhorse when it comes to party décor. They can be used for any event, any season, with a little sprucing up to complement the occasion. Once you snag your collection of geometric terrariums, you will forever be ready to entertain stylishly. Here’s how to decorate your next event with geometric terrariums:

Whimsical baby shower geometric terrariums

Are you celebrating a special mom-to-be and her bun in the oven? Create whimsical centerpieces for her baby shower with help from geometric terrariums. Fill the base of each terrarium with a bed of dried moss and place a miniature animal figurine on the moss. If you like, you can spray paint the plastic animals metallic gold or silver, pastel pink or blue or any color you like. Place your terrariums on the tabletops and surround with stems of eucalyptus.

Elegant wedding ceremony geometric terrariums

Alter hanging geometric terrariums

If you’re getting hitched, then say I do to suspending elegant terrariums at the altar. Simply hang a grouping of our Dodecahedron Geometric Terrarium above where you’ll stand. Fill the base of each terrarium with white sand and place a single tealight candle in each terrarium. When lit, the illuminated effect will be an elegant touch for your big day.

Romantic engagement party geometric terrariums

To celebrate the engagement of a special couple, simply fill our Cube Geometric Hanging Terrarium with a strand of LED fairy lights. Go with warm white lights for an elegant glow, or with colored lights to complement the bright personality of the couple. Crumple the lights for a celestial effect, and set on a tabletop as a centerpiece or suspend a cluster of them above the event space to give the room a romantic glow.

Festive birthday party geometric terrariums

No matter who the guest of honor is, you can decorate the next birthday party you throw with geometric terrariums. Throwing a party for a child? Fill our Pyramid Geometric Hanging Terrarium with colorful confetti and brightly colored plastic figures to match the theme, or go with colorful candies for an edible installment. Needing something a little more refined for an adult’s party? You can’t go wrong filling your terrariums with air plants on sand, lush succulents or small ferns.

Seasonal gathering geometric terrariums

If you love to throw seasonal get-togethers for your family and friends, you can rely on geometric terrariums for your décor all year long. Spring parties call for terrariums filled with a bounty of fresh flowers snipped at the base of the heads. You can’t go wrong with succulents or sand and seashells for a summertime gathering. For fall, consider a candy corn base with a small white pumpkin sitting on top. And during winter, fill them with faux snow and bottlebrush trees.  

Get party-ready with geometric hanging terrariums from 46 & Spruce. 

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