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How To Take Care Of Air Plants

How To Take Care Of Air Plants

You won’t find an easier plant to keep alive than an air plant. Unlike most plants, they don’t need soil to grow. Instead, they’ll thrive in almost any container, like a hanging terrarium, where they can enjoy light and water. However, you’ll still need to know how to take care of air plants in order to keep yours healthy. Here’s what you need to know about caring for these fun, trendy plants. 

Pick The Perfect Containers For Air Plants

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You can use almost any container for air plants, but you’ll enjoy them most in something attractive that shows off their unique charm. Since air plants are so on-trend, look for something similarly fashionable to display them in like colorful ceramic pots or small glass vases on tabletops or bookshelves. You can add several air plants to a large terrarium to create a centerpiece for your coffee table. Liven up an empty corner with a few individual plants placed in hanging terrariums installed on the ceiling. You can even create a whimsical display with a wood air plant frame that holds many air plants and hangs on the wall. 

Protect Your Air Plants From Direct Light And Cold

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Unlike many houseplants, most air plants don’t like direct sunlight. In the wild, they live in shady spots. In your home, you can put them anywhere that receives indirect sunlight. Air plants come from tropical climates, so be aware not to keep them in cold or drafty locations. Put them somewhere warm to keep them happy. 

If your air plant begins turning white, it could be suffering from too much sun. If it looks dull or starts losing leaves, it needs more sunlight. A change in location should fix either problem. 

Water Your Air Plants Weekly

Air plants need regular watering to thrive, but their preferred method may surprise you. Instead of adding water to their container, simply submerge your air plants in a bowl of water for about half an hour. When you take them out, place them upside down on a towel to dry. Once dry, they can go back to their container. Do this once a week. You can also mist air plants a few times a week, especially if they start looking dry or your home has low humidity. 

Watering is the trickiest part of learning how to take care of air plants. If your plants feel mushy, develop dark spots, or begin falling apart, you have over-watered them. If the leaves begin to look crunchy and brown, your plants need more water. You can also feed your plants with liquid fertilizer about once a month. Use a fertilizer formulated for bromeliads or orchids. 

Watch For Flowers and “Pups”

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A healthy air plant will try to reproduce by growing offsets around its base called “pups.” You can leave them in place and move your plant to a larger container or snip off the pups to propagate into new plants. 

An older air plant may flower once. Enjoy the bloom while it lasts but don’t be surprised when the plant dies afterward. The good thing is a blooming air plant will also produce pups at this time that you can grow as individual plants. 

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