How to Use Terrariums and Succulents in Your Wedding Decor

How to Use Terrariums and Succulents in Your Wedding Decor

Terrariums and succulents are a match made in heaven. Separately, they are uniquely beautiful, but combined, they create a super chic decor item that can enhance the look of any indoor or outdoor wedding space.

Terrariums in Weddings

Succulents and terrariums aren’t just for the home, they are starting to make their way into social event spaces, being used as an alternative to flowers. One occasion more than any other lends itself to the succulent and terrarium trend in a big way and that is the wedding!

Over the past few years, weddings have started to trend toward rustic, whimsical, and DIY-type themes. A terrarium is a sought-after trend for wedding centerpieces, ceremony decor and reception ornamentation. In some cases, DIY-ing a terrarium can be a cost-effective way to save a few dollars when planning a wedding. Here is a list of a few fun ways to incorporate terrariums and succulents into your big day:



A show-stopping way to use succulents at your wedding is to incorporate them into your bouquet. Either go all out with an entirely succulent bouquet or mix tonal flowers in for a more subtle look. The beauty of succulents is that you can just pop them back in the garden for another project or occasion!

Succulent Bouquet


Wedding Favors

How cool would it be to receive a mini terrarium as a wedding favor? Very cool we think! Why not make up a bunch of terrariums to be given at your wedding. It doesn’t need to do major damage to your budget and, if you make them yourself, they can be made well in advance and filled with almost anything you would like.


Succulent Terrarium Centerpiece

Having succulent terrariums as the centerpieces for all of your wedding tables is spectacular! It can easily be achieved with just a few items. You’ll need some beautiful terrariums, vases, glass cloches, bowls, and your favorite succulents. Try varying heights of terrariums to add structure and wow factor.

Arrange terrariums in groups along each of the tables, with a few smaller terrariums scattered in between. Our Prism Bowl and Prism Vase would work perfectly as smaller terrarium containers, then you would just need a glass dome and a large lidded terrarium to make the centerpiece complete.

Succulent Terrarium Centerpiece


Flower Arrangements

Similar to the terrarium centerpieces, try using succulents and some fun terrariums to take the place of flowers throughout the whole wedding. You could go purely succulents or you could add some flowers in complimentary colors to add a little softness.



Use hanging terrariums filled with tea lights or fairy lights to hang all over your wedding venue. Our Round and Diamond hanging glass terrariums would be perfect for this. Hang as many as you can, wait for the evening to fall and these magical lights will illuminate the atmosphere.


Alternatively, fill the hanging terrariums with flowers to give a beautiful, soft atmosphere to your special day.



Instead of elaborate icing, try decorating the wedding cake with succulents for a unique twist. Be sure to remove them before cutting (and eating) the cake though!

Wedding Cake with Succulents

We hope we have inspired you to take your wedding decor to the next level without breaking your budget with terrariums and succulents!

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