Repotting Succulents 101

Repotting Succulents 101

Succulents are usually pretty low maintenance, requiring minimal amounts of water and rarely needing to be repotted. But as your arrangements continue to thrive, they might outgrow their pots. Succulents and cacti can be repotted any time of the year. Repotting succulents ensures the continued health of you plant babies and will help you retain the aesthetic of your original arrangement.

It’s normal to be hesitant about removing your succulents from their original pot home and into a new one. There is a fear of damaging the roots and hindering further growth that detours plant owners from repotting. But once you know the proper tips and techniques, repotting succulents is actually quite easy. Here is our step by step guide on repotting succulents:

Repotting Succulents 101

Things You Will Need:

Pot or Terrarium
Terrarium soil
Terrarium Tools



  1. Fill your new pot with soil that is specially formulated for cacti and succulents. You could also create your own succulent soil mixture by combining equal parts regular potting soil, and coarse sand or perlite. (note: the new pot should be two inches wider than the entire succulent arrangement and have at least one drainage hole.)
  2. Water the soil until it is barely moist but excess begins to drip from the bottom drainage hole.
  3. Carefully remove the succulents from their old pot. Make sure you are lifting the entire root system and being careful not to cut or damage any smaller roots.
  4. Using your terrarium tools, make a small hole in the mix for each succulent’s roots according to your desired arrangement. Space them 2-3 inches apart in each direction - from the edge of the new pot and from other succulents. Plant them at the same depth at which they were previously growing.
  5. After repotting succulents, you should wait at least one week before watering. This will allow the roots to adjust to the new soil. When you do water, make sure to give them just enough to moisten the top layer of soil. Avoid deep watering that causes dripping from the bottom drainage hole, this can result in root rot.

Now that you are equipped with the new knowledge on repotting succulents, check out our terrarium containers and succulent care accessories to get started.

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