Succulent Planter How-to: Mason Jar

Succulent Planter How-To: Mason Jar

Mason Jars are all the trend nowadays. Their uses are so versatile, a set is a must have for any household. They can be used for storage, decor, drinks and even plants! I am sure you have seen plenty of posts about Mason Jars being used as vases, but what about as a succulent planter?

Since there are no holes in the bottom for drainage, can a Mason Jar be a suitable succulent planter? Of course!

In this how-to, we will teach you not only how cute a Mason Jar succulent planter can be but the proper way to plant succulents into them.

For this project you will need:


1. To create your Mason Jar Succulent Planter, start by adding hydrostones at the bottom of the jar. Terrarium hydrostones are better than gravel because they are specifically engineered stones that allow succulents to receive the proper amount of air to their roots while providing the ideal amount of drainage to prevent root rot. However, if you do not have hydrostones, gravel will offer a similar effect. This step is particularly important considering the Mason Jar does not have any holes in the bottom for drainage.

2. After the layer of hydrostones, add a thicker layer of terrarium soil on top. This layer should be thick enough to adequately cover the entire root system of your succulent(s).

3. Using the terrarium tools, and gloves if your succulent has sharp edges, dig a hole preferably in the center of the Mason Jar. Lightly pack the soil around the succulent to hold it in place.

      If you have more than one succulent you would like to position in the succulent planter, have your arrangement in mind beforehand, and make sure your Mason Jar is wide enough to plant each succulent an inch apart from each other.

        If you are repotting succulents, lightly water before removal to make this process easier. Gently tug at the base of the succulent and make sure you remove the entire root system - try your best to avoid any root breakage.


        4. Next you can add your mosses and any other aesthetically pleasing natural decorations to enhance your succulent planter - such as natural gems, shells, stones, and geodes.
        5. Make sure you give those newly planted succulents some water, just enough to dampen the top layer of the soil.

            FOR REPOTTED PLANTS: Water repotted succulents very lightly. Because the roots were hydrated prior to removal, anything other than a very light mist of water could risk root rot. 

                6. Lastly, add any decorations to the succulent planter itself, such as twine or gift tags that can enhance the the overall aesthetic.

                Now that you know the proper techniques to creating a succulent planter out of Mason Jars, check out our selection of Jars, Succulent Care accessories and the DIY Terrarium Kit to get started!

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