Terrarium Containers Perfect for Air Plants

Terrarium Containers Perfect for Air Plants

If you have never heard of an air plant, then you are missing out on one of nature’s treasures. If you are a lover of plants, but can’t seem to keep them alive then an air plant is exactly what you need. They live and thrive without soil, making them the perfect fuss-free plant for those with dull green thumbs.

While there are many ways to display and grow your air plants, having beautiful terrarium containers is always the best way to go. Because they get all of their nutrients from the air and not soil, this allows you to choose from a much wider selection of containers. You can choose to display one type of plant or add a few different ones in a larger container to create an interesting display. The options really are only limited by your imagination and creativity when it comes to terrarium containers. Along with your air plants, you can create stunning bases to lay your plants on. From sea sand to stones and pebbles or moss, you can customize your terrarium containers in any fashion you wish.

hadley jar with air plant and grow stones

Although they require are minimal attention, there are a few things to remember when starting air plant terrarium containers:

  1. Air plants need constant air circulation, avoid containers that are very high and narrow which limit the airflow. Dome and closed containers are not an ideal option for air plants.
  2. Most air plants love warm weather but should be kept out of full direct sunlight.
  3. Your plants may need the occasional spray of mist and liquid fertilizer, choose a container that allows you to provide this type of upkeep.

The fun part about growing air plants is choosing the container and the goodies that fill it (if any). We at 46 & Spruce have a gorgeous selection of containers that are sure to satisfy every space in your home. Here are some lovely options for your air plants:

Hanging Terrariums

Having your air plant in your window in beautiful hanging terrarium containers creates a lovely display in your home. For those who live in apartments or homes without gardens, this is the perfect way to add some greenery to your home, plus it looks pretty too! Choose hanging containers that have large openings to allows for airflow. The Cube Geometric Hanging Terrarium is the perfect pick if you are looking to feature one specific plant, while a larger container such as the Round Hanging Terrarium is a great option for those who want to show off more than one type of plant. These look amazing hanging in your living room window, or on your patio in the shade.

Terrarium Container Hanging

Vase Terrariums

Vase terrarium containers are perfect for filling small spaces or group a cluster of different vases  together to create a feature display. A small vase, like the Brandy Vase adds a touch of old school sophistication to a small table filled with some moss and your air plant. You can use various sized Square or Cylinder vases grouped together in a larger space to create your very own indoor air plant garden. We love the look of the short vases filled with stones or moss for display. These lower vases also offer the best air circulation for your plants.

 Terrarium Containers Vase

Bowl Terrariums

Bowls are the perfect pick for those who are looking to let their creativity free. Bowls can be filled with stones and moss or even dried twigs to create a dramatic base for your air plants. Prism Bowls make gorgeous displays for smaller plants. If you are looking for something with the WOW factor, opt for a large Modern Cylinder Dish in which you can create a magical air plant garden for a large dining room table.   

Spruce up your space with these terrarium containers perfect for your air plants: www.46spruce.com/collections/terrarium-containers 

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