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Why Herb Gardens Make Great Gifts

Both indoor and outdoor herb gardens are all the rage at the moment. Whether they are used purely for added green decor to your home, or used in the kitchen, they are super trendy and easy to grow.

Herb garden planters make gorgeous gardening gifts for gardeners on many occasions. If you are looking for a housewarming, birthday or anniversary gift, a pretty little herb garden may be just what you are looking for. The reason we love herb gardens so much is because they are easy to maintain and have a number of benefits.

Herb gardens are so versatile, who wouldn’t love one as a gift? They are easy to grow in most environments, including indoors, which makes this the perfect gift for someone who lives in the city and doesn’t have access to an outdoor garden. Herb gardens look beautiful; you can plant more than one herb in the same planter which creates a stunning, eclectic look. The correct herbs can keep away pesky insects, add great aroma to any room and add a fresh, home-grown flavor to your favorite dishes.

There are so many great projects for creating your very own herb garden, which makes this a lovely personal gift for someone special. 46 & Spruce has a lovely variety of herb planters, such as this gorgeous ceramic Stacked Herb Garden, which comes in a variety of colors.

Stacked Herb Garden

Stackers such as this one are excellent because they have a hidden wick in the bottom that allows the herbs to get water when they need them. Plus, these chic planters make gorgeous decor pieces in your home. You don’t have to use herb gardens for culinary purposes; they look amazing as standalone mini gardens indoors and outdoors with the right potted plants or succulents.

stacked herb garden in kitchen next to cutting board and fresh vegetables

Herb gardens can be planted in so many different planters to create interesting and beautiful decor all over your home. A gorgeous white ceramic pot with lavender in your bedroom not only looks pretty, but will add the calming scent of lavender throughout the room and help you get a better night’s sleep.

Clay pots of rosemary and mint in your kitchen add a beautiful savory scent and also keep insects away. Mint is always great to have to spruce up any drink or dessert with minimal effort, which makes it a lovely gardening gift. Herb boxes are a good option for those who want to use their herbs in their cooking. You can fit a fair amount of different herbs into one box and use mini chalk board signs to label each herb.

A pretty personalized herb garden has to be one of the most unique, functional gifts you can give. Your favorite herb planted in a glass jar with a ribbon, or a spruced up tin with a burlap bow, would all make stunning party favors for your guests – one they would surely remember and use in their homes.

herbs in weather oak planters

You are only limited to your own creativity when it comes to picking a planter and decorating it. From rustic, to modern to vintage, there are so many gorgeous options to make your herb garden gift the most beautiful mini garden for someone special.

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